Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crossfit Day 37

rudie2shoes vs double-unders
Winner: double-unders :(

August 30, Tuesday
Workout – We have 2 – 10 min AMRAP today for the WOD. OMG, that’s just nuts! Nervous energy surrounds me thinking about it. I’m already fatigued by the though of it. *sigh*

WOD – 10 minute AMRAP – 250m Row, 10 Box Push Ups. My Results: 5 sets + 46m Rest 5 minutes AND 10 minute AMRAP – 25 Double Unders, 10 Pull-Ups (red & purple). My Results: 3 sets + 18 double unders.

Hurricane Irene, you are wrecking havoc in my life! Yes, I got detoured again today. All the roads I needed to use to get to CF were closed. I was stuck in the middle of the swamp trying to find my way out. Thank goodness GPS works today but it was still hard trying to navigate my way out of the swamp. I ended up getting onto the highway & then found it was backed up w/ tons of traffic. I was about 30 minutes late even though I left work an hour early. I finally made it & was positive I wouldn’t be able to do my WOD, but since a Fundamentals class was starting at 6:45pm, the trainer let me do my WOD on my own. *whew* But doing a WOD by yourself really do suck. I had another trainer time me & he was sitting right next to me as I did my row. It’s really different when you have someone watching your every move. The rowing really gets the best of me. 5 minutes of rest is just not enough, & then I had to start my 2nd AMRAP. Good grief. The double unders were my nemesis again. I just couldn’t get a good rhythm down but I think that was because I was fatiguing from the 1st AMRAP. I could only muster 3 sets & even that was a struggle. I took off my shoes which helped me do double unders before. I still had a hard time. As you can see from the picture above, the jump rope was not kind to my feet. We did 2x30 GHD Sit-ups afterwards. Travelling back home was also treacherous since my route is a lot farther since Hurricane Irene wanted to put roadblocks everywhere I needed to go. I hate you, Irene!!!

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