Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in NYC, NJ

I am sitting in my office cubicle & felt the entire ground shake. It felt like a ripple effect. I initially thought it was a mail cart coming through but didn't hear any noise. I got up to look around & heard other people talking about it & feeling the same thing. It is now confirmed, it was a 5.8 Earthquake that originated from Virginia. It was felt throughout DC, NY (and the forgotten people of NJ). The news report didn't mention NJ but believe me, it was felt in NJ.

That could have been more disasterous, but I guess we were far enough from the epi-center of the earthquake. V told me to evacuate my building but I don't think we are at risk w/ my 3 floor office building. And I would think the building manager would tell everyone to evacuate if there was a threat to our safety. V & Mum felt it where they are in NY as well.

That was pretty scary though to experience. I hope the people in Virginia & nearby are safe & no one was hurt from it.

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