Monday, February 6, 2012

Ankle Update

February 6, Monday

I can’t go into CF for a few days. I’m hoping it’s not more than a week while my ankles get some rest & heal. Oh I hate this feeling. I’m such an idiot that never seems to learn my lesson. I’ve never had my ankles feel this bad before, so it’s been really hard for me. The worst part of this is that it’s both my ankles, so walking poses a challenge for me. I was able to extend my CF membership for a little longer because it was due to expire next Tuesday, but since I can’t finish my last 5 classes due to injury, the trainer was okay w/ letting me use them when I feel better. Thank goodness, I hate losing stuff I’ve already paid for.

Week 31 Summary

February 3, Friday
Workout – None.

Week 31 Summary

I went running Saturday & I felt pretty good about myself. I ran 4 miles straight & started feeling some ankle pains during the last 5 minutes. I still felt ok, but once I got home, I realized both my ankles hurt pretty badly. I think my ankles rolled while I was running, when I was getting tired. Now walking around the house hurts & I’m kicking myself for pushing myself. Grrrr..I’m so upset w/ myself. I keep hurting myself & it’s always my fault. Argh! Now I need to ice & rest it & hope it gets better in a few days. I’ll be missing a few days of CF because of this injury.

Results – I feel like my stomach is growing since I stopped the Nutrition Challenge, but it may just all be in my head. No changes this week, except for the moodiness that I’m feeling. I definitely feel more emotional & stressed out more often. Let’s see what happens now that I am switching back to my regular diet, w/ some modifications. I’ll try to eat paleo when I can, but won’t cry over it if I don’t.

February 4, Saturday
Workout – Run 4 miles.

February 5, Sunday
Workout – None.

Crossfit Day 113

February 2, Thursday

Workout – I want to challenge myself today w/ a ridiculous WOD that I missed from 1/18, so I’m pretty nervous & excited. I hope I finish w/ a good time.

WOD – (from 1/18) ”Nutts” 10 HSPU (Box Push Ups), 15 Deadlifts (105lb), 25 Box Jumps (24”), 50 Pull-Ups (red), 100 Wall Balls (8lb), 200 Double Unders, 400m Run w/ 45lb Plate For Time. My Results: 33:30 minutes.

Everyone called me Nuts for doing this WOD on a lazy Thursday, but I was determined to do it. I brought in all my gear – long sleeve, ear muffs, weight lifting gloves, running gloves, & headlamp. I did the box push ups, then the deadlifts w/o any issues. Once I did my first box jump when I opened my hips at the top of the box, that was when I felt all the deadlifts I had done just before. It was a little tough opening my hips for the box jumps considering it’s a higher box than I normally do, but I was able to adjust & finish them quickly. Then my nemesis, the pull-ups, was next. I was able to finish them, but it took me awhile. The wall balls went by much better than usual, which could also mean I need to add more weight next time. I still need proper squatting form, so I need to work on that first. Then it was the double unders. I was able to do about 30-40 at a time w/ a bit of rest in between. I was killing the double unders & I was super excited w/ myself. Finally, the 400m run w/ a 45lb plate. I was ready to carry the plate in front of me, which is super hard & tiring, but luckily Matt said it would be easier to rest it on the top of my back & carrying it that way. He helped get it on my back & I was able to do it but it was more like a fast walk than a run. When I got back to the doors, I realized I couldn’t open the door! Haha I had to struggle to get the weight off my back & open the door. That was pretty tough, but I finished in a good time. It was one of those WODs that you are so proud of yourself for attempting & finishing. I felt awesome when it was done, albeit a bit tired. haha

Crossfit Day 112

February 1, Wednesday

Workout – My upper body is super sore today from the push jerks. I knew the weight would do this to me, but I am slowly working on my upper body strength. I also need to work on flexibility.

WOD –”Nate” 20 minute AMRAP 2 Muscle Ups (sub 6 Pull-Ups (purple & unassisted) & 6 Ring Dips (red)), 4 HSPU (sub Box Push Ups), 8 Kettlebell Swings (53lb). My Results: 7 Rounds + 4 Pull Ups.

We were to challenge ourselves during this AMRAP. If we used red band for pull-ups, we would go down to the purple band, same for ring dips & HSPU (remove a mat if you use 1, etc). I did the first 6 rounds w/ the purple band for pull-ups. B told me that it’s easier w/o a band, so for the 7th round & the last 4 pull-ups, I tried unassisted. This is the first time I’ve ever done unassisted pull-ups in any WOD, so I was pretty proud of myself. Sure I didn’t do them consecutively, but I tried & got them one at a time & I’m pretty proud of myself! I used red band for ring dips & they were still pretty tough on my arms, but I was able to do them properly. I went w/ the 53lb KB this time. It’s my first time trying them & it was definitely challenging since it’s nearly ½ my entire body weight, but I think I did fairly well w/ them. So this was a very challenging WOD for me & I’m pretty happy w/ the results. We finished w/ 90 seconds Hollow Hold. They are rough!

Crossfit Day 111

January 31, Tuesday

Workout – I’m pumped to be back at CF. It looks like a hard because my arms are still pretty weak, but I’m ready for it. I’m feeling motivated & want to go into CF as much as possible (at least 4-5 times a week) because I want to get myself in the best shape of my life before my wedding. Let’s see if I can follow through on this.

–7 Rounds 5 Power Cleans (42lb), 5 Front Squats (42lb), 5 Push Jerk (42lb), 5 Burpees For Time. My Results: 12:59 minutes.

I thought I was really behind but I ended up finishing first in the class. I looked at all the times for the day & mine was the 2nd faster (next to E’s), but a lot of ppl did it rx which I didn’t do. My arms can’t handle too much weight just yet. I think I could have probably done slightly higher weights, but I didn’t want to aggravate my right arm too much. 3x20 GHD Sit Ups afterwards.

Crossfit Day 110

January 30, Monday

Workout – After 4 days off from CF, I’m feeling tired & lazy again. I hate it when I’m away for so long, but at the same time, I need a break away from CF sometimes. It’s a no win situation!

WOD – Every minute, do the following: 10 Box Jumps (20”), 10 Hand Release Push Ups.

We started w/ Back Squats 5-4-3-2-1. I was able to do 85-95-105-115-125. I went for 135lb but it was just too much for me. I got to the bottom of the squat & I was not able to get myself back up. Instead of dropping the bar behind me, I rolled my head forward & had the bar slide in front of me. That was such an idiotic thing for me to do! I could have really hurt myself. Thank goodness nothing bad happened to me, but I know I scared quite a few ppl in the gym, especially T! Oops, I will think faster next time. I don’t think I was thinking properly at the moment. I’ve learned my lesson & I’m lucky I didn’t really hurt myself. For the WOD, we were only supposed to do 5 Hand Release Push Ups, but for CF Games Standard, it was to do 10, so I did 10. It got progressively harder & I got slower, but I’m glad I still tried to push myself further. We ended w/ 2 minute Side Planks per side. Those are always fun (not)!

Week 30 Summary | Nutrition Challenge Drop-Out

January 26, Thursday
Workout – None.
Went up to Canada.

January 27, Friday
Workout – None.
In Canada. Cheated more on the Nutrition Challenge w/ over 6 cheats. I’m out of the challenge now.

Week 30 Summary
I was not as serious about this Nutrition Challenge as I was with the first one. I was less strict & I was open to using my cheats. If I don’t ever go out to eat, then I would have been able to stick w/ it, but I had to make a trip up to Canada & then try out venues for possible wedding caterers, so that totally threw the challenge. And I’m not even feeling the least bit guilty about it. I think I just need to learn to control myself & try not to overeat or over indulge w/ tasty foods. I know it’s a weakness of mine, but I will consciously try to work on it.

Results – I don’t see any noticeable results. My body hasn’t really changed. I have noticed mood swings on my part just like it happened w/ the last Nutrition Challenge. It is making me more emotional especially during that time of the month. I don’t like it whatsoever. It might be because of all the meats I’ve been eating?!? I’m not sure but I do notice a change in my moods when I’m on any type of Nutrition Challenge. I hope it goes away because it’s annoying me & V as well!

January 28, Saturday
Workout – None.

January 29, Sunday
Workout – None.

Crossfit Day 109 | Nutrition Challenge Day 10

January 25, WednesdayWOD –”Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlifts (95lb), HSPU (box Push Ups) For Time. My Results: 6:10 minutes.

We did a pre-workout beforehand. We had to do 3 rounds not for time of: 10 Lunges, 10 Supermans, 20 second planks. This was fun to do w/ everyone because there was no time constraint & it was funny looking doing it. Then we started “Diane.” The deadlifts went okay. I didn’t feel any pain in my left knee so I think it’s getting better. The box push ups were ok as well. One day I will be able to do handstand push ups, but today isn’t the day. I worked on handstands afterwards & A helped me w/ some tips & I was able to get up & hold the handstand for at least a minute, so that was pretty exciting. We did 90 second L-sit Holds afterwards. They are pretty tough because it’s a lot of abs & flexibility as well. I was able to do them at about 15-30 seconds at a time. It got rough towards the end but I’m happy I can do them.