Monday, February 6, 2012

Crossfit Day 113

February 2, Thursday

Workout – I want to challenge myself today w/ a ridiculous WOD that I missed from 1/18, so I’m pretty nervous & excited. I hope I finish w/ a good time.

WOD – (from 1/18) ”Nutts” 10 HSPU (Box Push Ups), 15 Deadlifts (105lb), 25 Box Jumps (24”), 50 Pull-Ups (red), 100 Wall Balls (8lb), 200 Double Unders, 400m Run w/ 45lb Plate For Time. My Results: 33:30 minutes.

Everyone called me Nuts for doing this WOD on a lazy Thursday, but I was determined to do it. I brought in all my gear – long sleeve, ear muffs, weight lifting gloves, running gloves, & headlamp. I did the box push ups, then the deadlifts w/o any issues. Once I did my first box jump when I opened my hips at the top of the box, that was when I felt all the deadlifts I had done just before. It was a little tough opening my hips for the box jumps considering it’s a higher box than I normally do, but I was able to adjust & finish them quickly. Then my nemesis, the pull-ups, was next. I was able to finish them, but it took me awhile. The wall balls went by much better than usual, which could also mean I need to add more weight next time. I still need proper squatting form, so I need to work on that first. Then it was the double unders. I was able to do about 30-40 at a time w/ a bit of rest in between. I was killing the double unders & I was super excited w/ myself. Finally, the 400m run w/ a 45lb plate. I was ready to carry the plate in front of me, which is super hard & tiring, but luckily Matt said it would be easier to rest it on the top of my back & carrying it that way. He helped get it on my back & I was able to do it but it was more like a fast walk than a run. When I got back to the doors, I realized I couldn’t open the door! Haha I had to struggle to get the weight off my back & open the door. That was pretty tough, but I finished in a good time. It was one of those WODs that you are so proud of yourself for attempting & finishing. I felt awesome when it was done, albeit a bit tired. haha

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