Friday, May 7, 2010

Fish & Chips

I've tried Fish & Chips in the past. In Blackpool & London (England), in fast-food places restaurants in the tri-state area, in diners, etc. but nothing beats the Fish & Chips I had while I was visiting Lytham (England) last September.

The cousin & I were extrememly hungry. My British aunt dropped us off so we can do some shopping. We immediately saw Whelan's with it's tables & chairs outside. The restaurant looks unassuming. Once you are inside, it's just a counter where you can order food to go or to sit outside to eat. Upon further inspection, there's a dining area in the back. We just went for take out.

Not knowing what to expect, we ordered the Extra Large Haddock with Chips (French Fries) & mushy peas to share. We sat outside & quickly opened up our food. We didn't expect this huge piece of fish at all. It was fried to perfection, it wasn't greasy or heavy, it was quite delightful. The fish was nice & flakey & moist. We devoured out food in minutes. I honestly wouldn't have shared it if I knew it was THIS good. We were completely satisfied & pondered upon how lucky we were to find this gem of a restaurant.

Upon my return to the states, I looked up the restaurant. Lo & behold, Gordon Ramsey celebrated his birthday there! If Gordon likes this place, then it must be GOOD! :)

If you're ever in Lytham, England, Whelan's Fish & Chips Restaurant is definitely a place to check out.