Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crossfit Day 54

September 27, Tuesday
– I’m nervous as sh*t today. My thighs are tight from the overhead walking lunges & my back from the hip extensions. I guess it’s a good thing to be nervous, but I’ve been more nervous lately especially right before the WOD. Maybe I doubt myself more? Or maybe everything is more challenging now so I really need to improve on everything. I’m not sure what it is, but I know I’ve been jittery nervous lately & I don’t like it one bit.

WOD – 2 min Max Distance Row, 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Wall Ball (6 – 10 ft target), 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Kettlebell Swings (35), 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Burpees, 1 min Rest, 1000m Row for Time. My Results: 428m row, 33 wall ball, 30 kettlebell swings, 18 burpees. My Results: 1000m Row 5:12 minutes.

It felt like a long one today. I was in group 2 to start since we didn’t have enough rowing machines. The rowing was more of a sprint to try to do as fast as you can. I still stink at rowing. The 1 minute rest in between is not enough. Then off to wall balls. I did the 6lb ball, but I think I can go up in weight next time. I am getting better at them then I used to be, but I still dislike them. The kb swings we had to do Games Standard, which means it has to go directly overhead & you have to pause briefly before bringing it back down. They made it harder, but I was still able to do the 35lb kb. And the burpees are horrendous. I hate them. Again, Games Standard, so after you do a burpee, you get up & jump on top of a 45lb plate, making sure to open up your hips. The last 1000m was draining. I couldn’t feel my hands & forearms after awhile. I was the last to finish because I’m so slow w/ rowing. It was another tough WOD. Then we finished w/ 3 sets x Max Reps Toes to Bar – 2-2-1 rep. I can hardly do 2 in a row, but I’m still going to keep trying to get better at them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crossfit Day 53

September 26, Monday
Workout – I’m feeling unmotivated yet again. My body is achy & tired. My mind is not really here today.

WOD – 100 Double Unders, 100 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge (25), 100 Double Unders for Time. My Results: 21:51 minutes.

Back Squat – 3 Sets Max Reps @ 80% of 1RM – Rest As Needed. I did the back squats w/ N & we did them wrong. We ended up starting w/ 45lb & went up in weight & tried to do as many repetitions as possible. I ended up doing: 45lb (22 reps), 65lb (15 reps), 85lb (8 reps), 95lb (4 reps) 115lb (4 reps), & 125lb (2 reps). 125lb is now my personal record for back squats! Yippee! It took awhile to start the WOD & I was getting really nervous. Once we started, I struggled w/ the double unders. It took me ~6 minutes to finish the 1st 100. I struggled w/ the overhead walking lunges because my right arm/shoulder is so weak. For the 2nd round of double unders, I broke the jump rope mid-way through. I got another rope which was shorter & it was so much easier for me to use. I still finished last in my group, but at least I tried my hardest to finish. I finished w/ 3 x 20 Hip Extensions.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Crossfit Week 12 Summary

Results – I have noticed for the first time that my abs are more pronounced. They are still under a layer of my belly fat (thin as it may be, but it still bothers me), but they are most certainly there. I honestly didn’t think I would see any noticeable changes to my abs considering I haven’t changed my diet in any way (even though I want to). I’ve always had decently strong abs, but for me to notice the muscle changes is a really big thing. I hope in the next few months it will be even more noticeable. And maybe I’ll eventually change my diet so that the abs can really come through instead of my layer of fat. This week I’ve achieved 2 things – 1) get up on a hand stand on my own & 2) climb rope. I hope I can do it again & keep getting better at it.

Weekend of Week 12
No work-outs this weekend.

Crossfit Day 52

September 23, Friday
– I’m still feeling unmotivated & tired today. I’ll force myself to go to CF, but I know I always feel 100x better once I’m done w/ my WOD, so it’s always worth the effort.

WOD – 30 minute AMRAP – 300m run, Max Rep Toes to Bar, 300m run, Max Rep Hand Release Push-Ups, 300m run, 50 Double Unders.

My Results:1st Round2nd Round3rd RoundTotals
Toes to Bar44311
Hand Release Push-Ups40222284
Double Unders50509109
It was drizzling outside, but we still went out to do our run. My sneakers were getting soaked from the rain & the floor inside the gym was getting damp. I still have to take my sneakers off when doing double unders because it’s so much easier to do that way. I also put a vball knee pad over my right arm so the double unders don’t whip lash my arm anymore. It helped tremendously. I am still working on my toes to bar. They are difficult for me because I get tired from hanging on the bar for too long. I was able to do at least 2 in a row (w/ my toes completely touching the bar) while the others were really, really near the bar, but didn’t touch, so that’s still an improvement for me. The HRPU were okay. We weren’t allowed to do them on our knees so I tried my hardest to keep my back in plank position, but when you’re tired, it’s pretty darn hard to do that. I figured I can do more HRPU compared to Toes to Bar so I took my time w/ the HRPU. By the time I was done w/ them & off on my 300m run, my arms were so sore that I could barely move them on my run. The double unders went ok for me. I think I’m getting better at them. The WOD was long but it went by faster than I though. For the last run, I wanted to get back inside to at least start my last set of double unders, so I sprinted that last 300m. I passed Desiree & Maureen & got a moving on my double unders. That was kind of exciting. The last of my energy was completely drained by that, but it still felt great. I do have to admit the WOD was pretty exhausting.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crossfit Day 51

September 22, Thursday
– Feel tired & unmotivated today. Staying up late reading my ibooks have been making me tired during the day.

WOD modified “Annie” 25 cal row, 50 ab mat sit-ups, 20 cal row, 40 ab mat sit-ups, 15 cal row, 30 ab mat sit-ups, 10 cal row, 20 ab mat sit-ups, 5 cal row, 10ab mat sit-ups for Time. My Results: 13:14 minutes.

The WOD wasn’t too bad. I wanted to lay off my arms & legs a bit since I’ve been sore this entire week. I am still slow w/ the rower but I make up w/ the sit-ups. It was A, KK & I doing this WOD & I was dripping w/ sweat by the time I’d finished. Afterwards, I had A show KK & I how to do handstands again. KK’s never tried before & she was able to do it within 3 tries. That gave me motivation to try again & again. I was FINALLY able to get up on my own w/o any help!!! I was sooo excited. I still need practice to get myself more comfortable w/ the whole motion, but it’s definitely an awesome feeling knowing that I’ve finally got myself upright, on my own & I didn’t topple over! Then I had the trainer show me how to climb a rope. After getting my footing down, I attempted to climb up & I was able to climb halfway. I know I could have done more, but I wasn’t sure how I would get down, so I stopped halfway up. My technique for coming down was bad, so I have slight rope burn on my right shin now. But I’m ecstatic I was able to climb the rope on my first try. Yes another accomplishment for me. Even though I was tired & unmotivated before I got to CF, I left feeling awesome. It’s such a great pick-me-up on days like these.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crossfit Day 50

September 21, Wednesday
– I still get super nervous before a WOD. And the longer the trainers take to get us started, the more nervous I get. Grrrr…I hate being so nervous, but I think that’s the beauty of CF. If you don’t get nervous, that means you’re not really challenging yourself anymore. My body has been sore this entire week, especially after the kb swings & box jumps. My right arm is still bruised up from the double unders. At least all the HIIT (high intensity interval training) is really working muscles that I wouldn’t normally use & that is why I’m always sore. It’s a good sore. I like it.

WOD – “Nasty Girls” 3 Rounds 50 Air Squats, 21 Pull Ups, 21 Ring Dips, 10 Hang Power Clean (42) for Time. My Results: 17:15 minutes.

The air squats were pretty easy. I get into a low squat & I just bounce up. The pull ups started out ok. I alternated w/ the ring dips half way to rest my arms a little. It worked pretty well until the last round. The pull ups are always difficult for me. I always have a feeling I’m not doing the hang power cleans properly, so I’m trying to be more aware of my form. I stayed w/ 42lb because I think any higher & I’ll definitely lose my form. Afterwards, we did 4 minutes plank. I was determined to stay upright as long as possible w/o rest. I did 3 minutes straight until my abs gave way. I rested 15 seconds, & then was up for the last minute. I’m proud I did 3 minutes straight! Others were impressed too, so it was awesome. I’ll aim for the total 4 minutes next time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crossfit Day 49

September 20, Tuesday
– I’m nervous about this WOD. It’s a lot of everything. I think I have to poop!

WOD – 1000m Row, 80 Box Jumps (20”), 60 Kettlebell Swings (35lb), 40 Burpees, 20 HSPU (modified Box push ups) for Time. My Results: 21:29 minutes.

We started w/ Push Press 2-2-2-2-2 go for 2 RM. I did 42-53-53-53-53lb. Higher than what I did before so I’m happy w/ my progress. There were 14 people, so we had to do 3 rounds since there are only 6 rowing machines. I was in the 3rd round & had to wait 9.5 minutes to begin, which I was ok with considering I’m slow on the rowing machine. I figured I can catch up to the others w/ the other exercises. The 1st half of the box jumps went by fairly quickly. Then the last 40 took longer but I did them at a good speed. The kb swings went pretty well for the first 25, then I started slowing down but they weren’t too bad. I was dreading the burpees & I was right, they totally took everything out of me. I was nearly crawling towards the end. By the time I got to the box push ups, my arms felt like putty. I did 5 at a time, then rested a few seconds then continued. The WOD felt like it took forever to finish, but I am still happy w/ the time. It was definitely an exhausting WOD, so it feels awesome when you finish. We ended w/ 3x20 GHD Sit Ups.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crossfit Day 48

rudie2shoes vs double unders
Winner: double unders

September 19, Monday
– I am extremely sore today. I’m not sure if it’s from last Friday’s WOD or if it’s from the 2.5 hours of Pilates I did this weekend, but whatever the cause, I’m SORE! My hips, thighs & glutes are tight. I have a suspicion it’s from all the squats & lunges I did last week @ CF. I am dreading today’s WOD. I hate double unders. They are the bane of my existence (that & burpees & wall balls & pull-ups & toes to bar and and and…).

WOD –50 Double Unders, 5 Pull-Ups (purple & red band), 40 Double Unders, 10 Pull-Ups, 30 Double Unders, 15 Pull-Ups, 20 Double Unders, 20 Pull-Ups, 10 Double Unders, 25 Pull-Ups for Time. My Results: 18:21 minutes.

We started w/ Back Squats today. 3-3-3-3-3. I did 65-85-95-105-110lb. 110lb is my personal best thus far. I felt like I could have done at least 115lb so I think that will be my next goal. We started the WOD & I struggled a bit w/ the double unders. I had to take my shoes off, yet again, to do them. I would get a good 10 or so in, then struggle w/ one for the next 10 tries. I kept whipping myself on the arm too. The 5 pulls ups were decently easy, but as the numbers increased, the more I struggled. The next few rounds of double unders got easier as the numbers went down. The last 2 sets of pull-ups (20 & 25 reps) really got to me. I would do 5, then 2, & then start doing 1 & rest, then 1 more, then rest. It took me forever, but I finished them the best I could.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Crossfit Week 11 Summary

Results – I had a pretty good week of workouts. I feel soreness all over & I feel like I’m really challenging myself & really upping my workouts. It was definitely more intense this week & I feel like my CF gym is really stepping up to make the upcoming WODs more challenging to us. I’ve noticed the muscles on the outer side of my thighs are pretty hard, although it’s not noticeable unless you touch it. I feel my legs are stronger. I still have issues w/ my right shoulder & biceps, but I hope it eventually heals & gets stronger. I have reluctantly declined to play in an 8 month woman’s vball league due to my injury, which frustrates the heck out of me, but I would rather get my arm back to 100% than to ruin it some more w/ vball. *sigh* This is the price I have to pay for loving the game of vball. I have not gained or lost any weight, but I have gained muscles. So I think I probably lost a tiny bit of weight to accommodate the gain in muscles (since muscles weight more than fat). Or maybe I’m just imagining the muscle gain. Hehee Well, whatever it is, I’ve stayed the same weight, so I’m happy about that. I still need to work on my poor eating habits. I’ve been craving all things fried & bad for me & I feel like I’m a bit out of control. I need to put the smack down on myself, but so far it’s not working. *sigh*

Weekend of Week 11

September 17, Saturday
Workout – I attended the Women’s Health Fair at South Street Seaport w/ the intention of taking some of the classes they offered, but since I was w/ my mom, aunt & cousin, we didn’t do any workouts. The event was really small & there were little to no freebies. They only gave out Women’s Health magazine & tote, Everlast - energy bars, cheap bag & keychain; American Cancer Society shoe laces; Summer's Eve - tanktop & wipes; Crest mouth wash & water. It wasn’t that great.We did a lot of walking around in the city though since it was a nice day out. Walk 1.85 miles.

September 18, Sunday
Workout - 2.5 hours of Pilates @ Movements Afoot. Walk 3.75 miles.

Crossfit Day 47

September 16, Friday
– I’m excited about doing the farmer’s carry again but w/ a heavier weight. I did well w/ the 52lbs last time so I’m trying to up it to 60lb this time. I’m not looking forward to the lunges though. This WOD seems tougher than it sounds.

WOD – 300m Farmer’s Carry (60), 300m Overhead Walk (25 – no running), 300m Walking Lunge, 300m Sprint for Time. My Results: 21:30 minutes.

I used 2 dumbbells (30lb each) for the farmer’s carry. The db kept sliding forward so I had to put it down quite a few times to get a better grip. I had my workout gloves on, but they only helped so much. I prefer carrying the kettlebells over carrying dumbbells. The overhead walk w/ 25lb plate overhead w/ locked out arms was extremely difficult for me. My arms/shoulders are weak, so I had to stop often to rest my arms. I was 2nd to last (out of ~14 ppl) by the time I finished the Overhead Walk. I brought knee pads to do the walking lunges, which helped me extremely. I was able to do my lunges w/o having to worry about hitting my knees on the concrete or into rocks/pebbles on the ground. I was off & lunging. I was able to pass ~4 girls, then a guy, & then B who was my main target to pass. The rest were too far ahead of me. It took about 150-200m before I passed B, but once I did, I was able to finish w/ some satisfaction. I thought my legs wouldn’t cooperate for the final sprint, but it did & I again passed those people who were still lunging. It was a brutal WOD. My hips & butt are tired, but I’m happy I came back from being 2nd to last to coming in somewhere in the middle of the pack. Every little bit is an accomplishment for me.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crossfit Day 46

September 15, Thursday
– I feel pretty good today. I’m going to do a Navy Seals workout w/ D today. I’m scared because it sounds super hard.

WOD –Navy Seals workout – 4 Rounds 2 Rounds 400m Run, 50 Burpees, 50 Jumping Lunges, 50 Pull-Ups (red/purple), 50 Jumping Squats (+ 400m Run at the end) for Time. My Results: 47:20 minutes.

D & I decided to try to do 2 Rounds & then added an extra 400m to finish. It was a really tough workout. My legs felt like putty during & afterwards. I can’t believe it took me over 47 minutes just to finish 2 rounds. Imagine I had attempted 4 rounds, that would have taken over 1.5 hours! That’s just nuts! D made me practice my hand stands again. I reluctantly went to the wall. A was there & she used to be a gymnast & she coached for 8 years, so she helped me get over my fear of hopping into my arms & then swinging my legs up. I was getting closer & closer each time. I got more comfortable w/ it & I was finally able to get up on my own! I mean, sure, I didn’t stay up for long, but I think w/ more practice I would be able to. It’s so exciting!!! I’m ecstatic about it. It’s another small accomplishment for me. I’m super excited to practice it some more until I get comfortable w/ it.

Crossfit Day 45

September 14, Wednesday
– My shoulders are tired today from the Sumo deadlift high pulls. I really should have used a heat pack last night, but I got distracted w/ the ipad. It’s totally my fault, now my shoulders are paying the price of it. Tonight’s WOD has cleans & ring dips, which means more upper body work, which I’m not looking forward to, but I’ll do it because I’m very disciplined in the sense that if I’ve paid for it already, I better make good use of it (i.e. my CF membership). I’m just so annoying sometimes ain’t I?!? *sigh*

WOD – (same as 8/10/11) “Elizabeth” – 21-15-9 reps Squat Cleans (42), Ring Dips (blue) for Time. My Results: 10:39 minutes.

Clean practice for 10 minutes. Then we went into the WOD. It was really humid & hot in the gym so I was already sweating before the WOD. Then when we started doing the Squat Cleans, I was dripping sweat all over the place. I think CF is making me sweat a lot more than I normally do. I was able to finish before the other 3 girls, but 2 of them were using 63lbs which is way too much for me. I checked my results from 8/10 & I was 12 seconds slower today than I was back then. I’m not sure if it was because of the heat or what, but I wish I was able to do it slightly faster. Oh well, next time. We did 50 Toes to Bar afterwards. I can only do them 1 at a time & then I’d have to rest on the box. I tried to do 2 in a row & came really close but I still can’t completely get it. I was proud of myself that I did 50 even though it took a really long time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crossfit Day 44

September 13, Tuesday
Workout – I’m not sure how I’ll do on the 1500m run, but I’ll try my best. I hope everyone won’t be sprinting because I don’t want to fatigue so much that I am barely running at the end. We’ll see how it goes.

WOD – 1500m run for Time. My Results: 7:03 minutes. Rest 5 min. 7 Rounds 5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (42), 7 HSPU box push ups, 9 Box Jumps (24″) for Time. My Results: 11:20 minutes.

There 7-8 of us at the class, w/ only 3 girls. DD did rowing instead of running because she has a problem breathing outdoors. So B & I were outside running w/ the boys. We were both behind the guys. B was slightly behind me the whole time. I was able to finish in a pretty decent time (in my opinion). Then we had a 5 minutes rest. Everyone started their WOD at different times depending on how fast/slow you finished your run. I upped my Sumo deadlift high pulls from 33lb to 42lb. I think I can do more next time. I modified the HSPU by using a box to do my push-ups. The Rx for box jumps was 24” for girls, so that was an increase for me. I only missed the box twice & luckily didn’t kill/injure myself. *whew* I was dripping w/ the sweat the entire WOD. And my clothes were soaked through w/ my sweat. Oh, it was disgusting. I finished everything at 23:23 minutes, but this included the 1500m run & the 5 minute rest, so the WOD took me 11:20 minutes, but it felt much, much longer than that. With the way I was sweating, you would have thought I was working out for a good hour. CF really is high intensity, isn’t it?!? It felt good to finish.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Start of Month 3 - Crossfit Day 43

September 12, Monday
– I am tired today. I haven’t been sleeping well because I’ve been going to bed late reading “Snow Flower & the Secret Fan.” I know I should get more rest so that I can do work & work-out more efficiently, but I am weak when it comes to reading a good book. I am dreading today’s WOD because it requires 1000m row & I am absolutely horrible at rowing. I’ll just have to do my best.

WOD – 1000m Row, 50 DB Thrusters (45/30), 40 Pull-Ups (blue & purple band), 30 Burpees for Time. My Results: 19:58 minutes.

We started off doing Overhead Squats. I stayed w/ the 22lb bar because any heavier & my knees start to turn in & my upper body doesn’t cooperate. I was able to do more than I have ever done before. My upper body still needs to get stronger, but I am slowly getting there. There were 10 ppl tonight so we split into 2 groups. I was in the 1st group w/ 6 girls. The trainer actually showed me what I was doing wrong at the beginning of the row so I kept trying to use what he showed me & I felt like I didn’t fatigue as much as I did before. I have to extend my arms out & then bring it back in before my knees go back in. I will have to keep practicing. I was the last girl to finish the rows. But I still finished them in a little over 5 minutes so that’s still good for me. The DB thrusters weren’t too bad after the first 25, but then it got heavy & tiring. I rested after 3-5 repetitions so that I could finish. I was the 1st to finish those, then onto the pull-up bar. I was able to do 4-5 at first, & then it dwindled down to 1-2. The last 11 took me a long time to finish. I did one, & then had to rest. Lastly were the burpees. I sure do hate them. I did them slow & steady & was able to do 15, then I was tired & things went slower from there. I was crawling part of the way, but I kept my eye on the clock. I wanted to finish them before 20 minutes & I was able to do that! Haha It’s the little things that matter to me. Afterwards, we did 3x15 Reverse Hypers. I did 3 sets of 10s, then 1 set of 15s. They were tough & require you to use your butt & hip muscles. It’s a new machine so I’m sure w/ time & practice, they will be easier to do.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend of Week 10

September 10, Saturday
Workout – 1 hr 15 minute Pilates Equipment class (Movements Afoot)

September 11, Sunday
Workout – 2 hr 30 minute Pilates Equipment & Mat classes (Movements Afoot)

Crossfit Week 10 Summary & Month 2 Summary

Results – Other than the noticeable definition in my arms, there isn’t anything else noticeable about my body. I have, however, gone up in the weight for my Squat Cleans & Split Jerks, which is an accomplishment to me. Every little bit makes me happy since I’m doing more than I ever thought I could. I’m slowly building my strength & I’m happy w/ my progress.

Month 2 Summary
This is the first time I think people actually noticed that my body has made some changes. I definitely look more toned & I love my arm definition. I know there’s more to work on but this is a great motivator. It took 2 months (~42 days) before I really saw any prominent physical changes, so it’s very encouraging. I hope I see more changes in the upcoming months. At least I know my money has been worth it since I’ve never seen any changes when I was going to the gym on my own or even from playing sports. This was well worth the investment.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crossfit Day 42

September 8, Thursday
Workout – I decided to do Friday’s WOD since I won’t be attending that class.

– 2 Squat Cleans @ 80% of 1 RM at every minute for 15 minutes. My Results: 47.5 lb.

I practice Split Jerks working up to a heavy single before the WOD. I was able to go up in weight from 42 to 57.5lb, which means I’m getting stronger…slowly. Then I had A & R go over the proper form for Squat Cleans. I have a hard time making a smooth transition from the deadlift position into the clean position. I have a tendency to not fully open my hips before I move my arms underneath the bar. I had Allen watch me to make sure my form was right. Then I started the WOD. I started w/ 32lb, & then went to 37.5, 42, 47.5. I stuck w/ 47.5lb because it was very challenging & I didn’t want to lose my form if I had gone w/ a heavier weight. I didn’t think doing 2 squat cleans every minute would be a good workout but I was dripping w/ sweat! The bottom of the squats gets difficult when you have to push yourself up again, but I was happy I was able to do them. I was able to do 32lb previously, but today I was able to go up to 47.5lb, yet another accomplishment for me!

Afterwards, D & I practiced double unders. I’ve been doing them in my socks because they get caught in my sneakers all the time. The trainer showed me an exercise on the wall where I’ll point my toes up & jump to hit the wall continuously. That’s supposed to help so I can do double unders w/ my shoes on. I have to admit, I look like an idiot running into the wall continuously. D & I couldn’t stop cracking up at how idiotic we look!I tried the new technique & I must say that really does change the way I jump & I was able to do a few more at a time. Awesome! D then forced me to practice my hand stands. I tried a few times by myself but was unable to get up onto the wall. She helped me out a few times but she said the last time she hardly even pushed me up. So I think I’m getting slightly better at it. I think it’s all mental. I am hoping I’ll eventually be able to get up by myself. I’m glad D always manages to push me to keep trying something I’m scared of. It definitely helps motivate me to continue practicing & getting better.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crossfit Day 41

rudie2shoes vs push press (33#)
Winner: push press

September 7, Wednesday
Workout – Today’s WOD looks really tough. I don’t know how I’m going to do those wall balls, burpees & double unders. They are my nemesis! I hope I’m not late today again. It’s been raining dreadfully here & traffic lights are out. It took me over an hour to get to work today when it usually takes 15-20 minutes max. I hate traffic & dumb drivers. Last night, Tim joked about the class being at 6:45pm tonight so I shouldn’t be late for this one.

WOD – ”Filthy 50” 50 Box Jumps (20"), 50 Jumping Pull Ups (on 24” box), 50 KB Swings (35#), 50 Steps Walking Lunge, 50 Knees To Elbows, 50 Push Press (33#), 50 Back Extensions, 50 Wall Balls (6# to 10ft target), 50 Burpees, 50 Double Unders for Time My Results: 41:40 minutes.

I got there super early today by over 30 minutes. Oh well, at least I wasn’t late. T asked if I wanted to start the WOD w/ the 6pm group (it was 4 guys) but I declined since I wanted to stretch out some more. The WOD was very intimidating. I knew it was going to be a long one. It’s my 1st time doing the jumping pull-ups. They weren’t too bad since you use your legs to jump up. They get tiring but I was able to do 10 at a time. I was the 1st one to get to the jumping pull-ups & to the kb swings. They 35# weight got really tiring for me, but I was able to churn out 5-10 at a time & I was only slightly behind a few of the other CFers. The walking lunges weren’t too bad…at first. I did 10 at a time. But by the 37, my legs were feeling the fatigue. I was slow w/ the knees to elbows & I wasn’t able to fully touch my elbows. I did 2-3 at a time since my arms get super exhausted from hanging from the bar. I started the push press & did 2, but then didn’t move my head in time so I smacked my lips w/ the 33# bar. Oh yeah, that hurt. I felt it swell up & tasted some blood inside my mouth. T asked if I wanted to stop the WOD but I refused to stop now that I’ve done over 50% of the WOD, so I forged on, swollen lips, blood & all. The push presses were tough since my major weakness is my arms. There were 2 ppl on the GHD machine for the back extensions, so the substitution was 75 supermans on the floor if the machines were taken. I did 20 supermans, but didn’t like them & saw an open GHD machine, so I did 50 there. The wall balls were a killer, but I was able to get it over the line 98% of the time. I missed ~4 of them & had to re-do those. The burpees took most of my energy away. After awhile, I was just crawling on the floor into position & crawling to get back up. I seriously hate burpees. I wasn’t too far behind at this point, so I did my double unders. I struggled a bit but I kept trying & I was able to finish them in good time. The Filthy 50 was totally a challenge, but I’m glad I finished it. I didn’t realize some blood dried up on my top 2 teeth as I was chatting w/ ppl afterwards. Gosh I mush have looked scary to them. How embarrassing. T gave me a cold beer can to ice my lip a bit after the WOD. That was a funny site to see. Too bad I don’t drink otherwise I would have taken the beer w/ me!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crossfit Day 40

September 6, Tuesday
– I feel like a lard @ss after eating so much in Canada. I’m hoping I can do the WOD for today. It’s also been raining since Monday so I’m scared the roads will be flooded again so I’ll take the long way there.

WOD – 3 Rounds 500m Row, 40 Push-Ups, 30 V-Ups, 20 Ring Dips, 10 Toes to Bar for Time. My Results: 29:19 minutes.

I came in 15 minutes late due to the rain & people can’t seem to drive when it’s raining. It’s so frustrating. I hate hate hate being late. And of course, T had to see me late for the 3rd time. I had to skip the back squats that everyone did before the WOD. So there were 13 people today & only 6 rowing machines. They did 3 groups. I was in group 3 which was ONLY ME! *sigh* That’s what I get for getting there late. I had to wait 5:30 minutes before I started rowing. *double sigh* It wasn’t too bad because when Round 2 came around, a lot of the people had to wait for others to finish rowing, while I had no wait at all. I continued through the WOD & I caught up to some of the people in the 1st group. I actually finished faster than a lot of the girls, so that felt pretty good.

I did my Back Squat after the WOD. We had to do 8-8-8-8 starting @ 70% of 1RM. I did 45-55-65-75lb. 8 repetitions gets pretty tough so I was glad I did the weight that I did. My 1RM is 105lb, so 70% is just about 75lb. There’s a new machine at CF called the Reverse Hyper. I had A (another trainer) show me how to use it. It was pretty tough even w/o any weight on it & it’s not something that’s made for a small woman, but it was cool trying it out. It stretches your back & works your glutes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crossfit Week 9 Summary

Results – I think my arms are looking pretty good. They look more defined & even V was afraid my arms will get bigger than his! Hehee That’s impossible, but I do like the look of them. I think my arms will see the fastest & best results out of my entire body. I think my legs will be next, then maybe (hopefully) my arms after that. I still need to work on changing my diet & trying to eat clean, but it’s really hard & I’m not sure if I have the willpower yet to attempt it.

Weekend of Week 9

September 3, Saturday
I did 1 hr biking in Markham, Ontario & 1 hr swimming @ indoor pool on Saturday. It felt pretty great to be active in Canada.

September 4, Sunday I didn’t do anything on Sunday since the weather was dark, dreary & rainy.

Crossfit Day 39

Workout – Not sure what I will be doing today. I just don’t want to have to drive through flooded roads again. I’m afraid the water damaged my car.

WOD – “Schmalls” – 800m run, (2 Rounds of 50 Burpees, 40 Pull-Ups, 30 Pistol Squat (modified holding a pole), 20 KB Swings (35lb), 10 HSPU (modified w/ Box Push Ups)), 800m run My Results: 43:34 minutes.

D found this WOD somewhere online so we decided to do it together. By the time I started my burpees, I was about to kill her. 50 burpees in a row is a lot! I was having a rough time going through them, & then the 40 pull ups were a killer. The pistol squats were new to us & we needed to hold onto a pole for support in order to do them. They were ok for the 1st round, but the 2nd round was really difficult. KB swings went well, although it gets your heart rate up really high & you feel winded afterwards. I modified the hand stand push ups w/ box push ups. I was dying by the time I did round 2. I was amazed I even finished. I seriously wanted to give up. D finished a good 5 minutes ahead of me, but I really didn’t care. I just wanted to finish, period. And that I did, huffing & puffing & ready to strangle D!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crossfit Day 38

August 31, Wednesday
Workout – I am so dreading today because I’m afraid I’ll get lost or have major detours yet again. I can’t do 1.5 hour drives just to get to CF. I mean I am dedicated & all, but it’s getting ridiculous! I left work an hour early & had mapped a different route to CF. It was looking like I was going to be early, but then I hit more road blocks & flooded roads. I finally got to a flooded road but cars looked like they were okay crossing it, so I went through as well. I had to close the windows because the water was flying up on both sides. I had to go through 2 flooded roads in order to get to CF & I was early. Thank goodness. Too bad the water did something to my car & I now experience weird chugging noises coming from my car. I hope whatever water got into my car dried off so it’ll be okay again. *sigh* I can’t win can I?

WOD – “Irene” dedicated to Hurricane Irene – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thrusters (32lb), Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (32lb), Burpees My Results: 17:52 minutes.

This is the 2nd time I’m doing thrusters & they get tough. I stuck w/ the same weight I used the 1st time. The Sumo Deadlift high pulls weren’t too difficult, but the burpees are just annoying. I really do hate them. By the time I got to the 8 repetitions set, I was exhausted & wanted to quit. I think I felt like I wanted to puke too, but I continued. I was dripping w/ sweat throughout the WOD. It was definitely a tough one. We were assigned 50 Toes to Bars to do after the WOD. I actually did 25 real Toes to Bars!!! I can’t believe it. I was so ecstatic w/ myself. I mean sure, I was slow w/ them & I can only do 1 at a time & need to rest in between but I was able to do real ones!!!!! I practiced Hand Stands too w/ the help of Desiree & Kristen, but I wasn’t able to hold it for long. My head keeps slamming against the wall & my arms want to bend. I still need much more practice w/ them.