Friday, September 23, 2011

Crossfit Day 51

September 22, Thursday
– Feel tired & unmotivated today. Staying up late reading my ibooks have been making me tired during the day.

WOD modified “Annie” 25 cal row, 50 ab mat sit-ups, 20 cal row, 40 ab mat sit-ups, 15 cal row, 30 ab mat sit-ups, 10 cal row, 20 ab mat sit-ups, 5 cal row, 10ab mat sit-ups for Time. My Results: 13:14 minutes.

The WOD wasn’t too bad. I wanted to lay off my arms & legs a bit since I’ve been sore this entire week. I am still slow w/ the rower but I make up w/ the sit-ups. It was A, KK & I doing this WOD & I was dripping w/ sweat by the time I’d finished. Afterwards, I had A show KK & I how to do handstands again. KK’s never tried before & she was able to do it within 3 tries. That gave me motivation to try again & again. I was FINALLY able to get up on my own w/o any help!!! I was sooo excited. I still need practice to get myself more comfortable w/ the whole motion, but it’s definitely an awesome feeling knowing that I’ve finally got myself upright, on my own & I didn’t topple over! Then I had the trainer show me how to climb a rope. After getting my footing down, I attempted to climb up & I was able to climb halfway. I know I could have done more, but I wasn’t sure how I would get down, so I stopped halfway up. My technique for coming down was bad, so I have slight rope burn on my right shin now. But I’m ecstatic I was able to climb the rope on my first try. Yes another accomplishment for me. Even though I was tired & unmotivated before I got to CF, I left feeling awesome. It’s such a great pick-me-up on days like these.

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