Friday, September 9, 2011

Crossfit Day 42

September 8, Thursday
Workout – I decided to do Friday’s WOD since I won’t be attending that class.

– 2 Squat Cleans @ 80% of 1 RM at every minute for 15 minutes. My Results: 47.5 lb.

I practice Split Jerks working up to a heavy single before the WOD. I was able to go up in weight from 42 to 57.5lb, which means I’m getting stronger…slowly. Then I had A & R go over the proper form for Squat Cleans. I have a hard time making a smooth transition from the deadlift position into the clean position. I have a tendency to not fully open my hips before I move my arms underneath the bar. I had Allen watch me to make sure my form was right. Then I started the WOD. I started w/ 32lb, & then went to 37.5, 42, 47.5. I stuck w/ 47.5lb because it was very challenging & I didn’t want to lose my form if I had gone w/ a heavier weight. I didn’t think doing 2 squat cleans every minute would be a good workout but I was dripping w/ sweat! The bottom of the squats gets difficult when you have to push yourself up again, but I was happy I was able to do them. I was able to do 32lb previously, but today I was able to go up to 47.5lb, yet another accomplishment for me!

Afterwards, D & I practiced double unders. I’ve been doing them in my socks because they get caught in my sneakers all the time. The trainer showed me an exercise on the wall where I’ll point my toes up & jump to hit the wall continuously. That’s supposed to help so I can do double unders w/ my shoes on. I have to admit, I look like an idiot running into the wall continuously. D & I couldn’t stop cracking up at how idiotic we look!I tried the new technique & I must say that really does change the way I jump & I was able to do a few more at a time. Awesome! D then forced me to practice my hand stands. I tried a few times by myself but was unable to get up onto the wall. She helped me out a few times but she said the last time she hardly even pushed me up. So I think I’m getting slightly better at it. I think it’s all mental. I am hoping I’ll eventually be able to get up by myself. I’m glad D always manages to push me to keep trying something I’m scared of. It definitely helps motivate me to continue practicing & getting better.

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