Monday, September 26, 2011

Crossfit Day 52

September 23, Friday
– I’m still feeling unmotivated & tired today. I’ll force myself to go to CF, but I know I always feel 100x better once I’m done w/ my WOD, so it’s always worth the effort.

WOD – 30 minute AMRAP – 300m run, Max Rep Toes to Bar, 300m run, Max Rep Hand Release Push-Ups, 300m run, 50 Double Unders.

My Results:1st Round2nd Round3rd RoundTotals
Toes to Bar44311
Hand Release Push-Ups40222284
Double Unders50509109
It was drizzling outside, but we still went out to do our run. My sneakers were getting soaked from the rain & the floor inside the gym was getting damp. I still have to take my sneakers off when doing double unders because it’s so much easier to do that way. I also put a vball knee pad over my right arm so the double unders don’t whip lash my arm anymore. It helped tremendously. I am still working on my toes to bar. They are difficult for me because I get tired from hanging on the bar for too long. I was able to do at least 2 in a row (w/ my toes completely touching the bar) while the others were really, really near the bar, but didn’t touch, so that’s still an improvement for me. The HRPU were okay. We weren’t allowed to do them on our knees so I tried my hardest to keep my back in plank position, but when you’re tired, it’s pretty darn hard to do that. I figured I can do more HRPU compared to Toes to Bar so I took my time w/ the HRPU. By the time I was done w/ them & off on my 300m run, my arms were so sore that I could barely move them on my run. The double unders went ok for me. I think I’m getting better at them. The WOD was long but it went by faster than I though. For the last run, I wanted to get back inside to at least start my last set of double unders, so I sprinted that last 300m. I passed Desiree & Maureen & got a moving on my double unders. That was kind of exciting. The last of my energy was completely drained by that, but it still felt great. I do have to admit the WOD was pretty exhausting.

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