Monday, September 19, 2011

Crossfit Day 47

September 16, Friday
– I’m excited about doing the farmer’s carry again but w/ a heavier weight. I did well w/ the 52lbs last time so I’m trying to up it to 60lb this time. I’m not looking forward to the lunges though. This WOD seems tougher than it sounds.

WOD – 300m Farmer’s Carry (60), 300m Overhead Walk (25 – no running), 300m Walking Lunge, 300m Sprint for Time. My Results: 21:30 minutes.

I used 2 dumbbells (30lb each) for the farmer’s carry. The db kept sliding forward so I had to put it down quite a few times to get a better grip. I had my workout gloves on, but they only helped so much. I prefer carrying the kettlebells over carrying dumbbells. The overhead walk w/ 25lb plate overhead w/ locked out arms was extremely difficult for me. My arms/shoulders are weak, so I had to stop often to rest my arms. I was 2nd to last (out of ~14 ppl) by the time I finished the Overhead Walk. I brought knee pads to do the walking lunges, which helped me extremely. I was able to do my lunges w/o having to worry about hitting my knees on the concrete or into rocks/pebbles on the ground. I was off & lunging. I was able to pass ~4 girls, then a guy, & then B who was my main target to pass. The rest were too far ahead of me. It took about 150-200m before I passed B, but once I did, I was able to finish w/ some satisfaction. I thought my legs wouldn’t cooperate for the final sprint, but it did & I again passed those people who were still lunging. It was a brutal WOD. My hips & butt are tired, but I’m happy I came back from being 2nd to last to coming in somewhere in the middle of the pack. Every little bit is an accomplishment for me.

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