Monday, September 19, 2011

Crossfit Week 11 Summary

Results – I had a pretty good week of workouts. I feel soreness all over & I feel like I’m really challenging myself & really upping my workouts. It was definitely more intense this week & I feel like my CF gym is really stepping up to make the upcoming WODs more challenging to us. I’ve noticed the muscles on the outer side of my thighs are pretty hard, although it’s not noticeable unless you touch it. I feel my legs are stronger. I still have issues w/ my right shoulder & biceps, but I hope it eventually heals & gets stronger. I have reluctantly declined to play in an 8 month woman’s vball league due to my injury, which frustrates the heck out of me, but I would rather get my arm back to 100% than to ruin it some more w/ vball. *sigh* This is the price I have to pay for loving the game of vball. I have not gained or lost any weight, but I have gained muscles. So I think I probably lost a tiny bit of weight to accommodate the gain in muscles (since muscles weight more than fat). Or maybe I’m just imagining the muscle gain. Hehee Well, whatever it is, I’ve stayed the same weight, so I’m happy about that. I still need to work on my poor eating habits. I’ve been craving all things fried & bad for me & I feel like I’m a bit out of control. I need to put the smack down on myself, but so far it’s not working. *sigh*

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