Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crossfit Day 41

rudie2shoes vs push press (33#)
Winner: push press

September 7, Wednesday
Workout – Today’s WOD looks really tough. I don’t know how I’m going to do those wall balls, burpees & double unders. They are my nemesis! I hope I’m not late today again. It’s been raining dreadfully here & traffic lights are out. It took me over an hour to get to work today when it usually takes 15-20 minutes max. I hate traffic & dumb drivers. Last night, Tim joked about the class being at 6:45pm tonight so I shouldn’t be late for this one.

WOD – ”Filthy 50” 50 Box Jumps (20"), 50 Jumping Pull Ups (on 24” box), 50 KB Swings (35#), 50 Steps Walking Lunge, 50 Knees To Elbows, 50 Push Press (33#), 50 Back Extensions, 50 Wall Balls (6# to 10ft target), 50 Burpees, 50 Double Unders for Time My Results: 41:40 minutes.

I got there super early today by over 30 minutes. Oh well, at least I wasn’t late. T asked if I wanted to start the WOD w/ the 6pm group (it was 4 guys) but I declined since I wanted to stretch out some more. The WOD was very intimidating. I knew it was going to be a long one. It’s my 1st time doing the jumping pull-ups. They weren’t too bad since you use your legs to jump up. They get tiring but I was able to do 10 at a time. I was the 1st one to get to the jumping pull-ups & to the kb swings. They 35# weight got really tiring for me, but I was able to churn out 5-10 at a time & I was only slightly behind a few of the other CFers. The walking lunges weren’t too bad…at first. I did 10 at a time. But by the 37, my legs were feeling the fatigue. I was slow w/ the knees to elbows & I wasn’t able to fully touch my elbows. I did 2-3 at a time since my arms get super exhausted from hanging from the bar. I started the push press & did 2, but then didn’t move my head in time so I smacked my lips w/ the 33# bar. Oh yeah, that hurt. I felt it swell up & tasted some blood inside my mouth. T asked if I wanted to stop the WOD but I refused to stop now that I’ve done over 50% of the WOD, so I forged on, swollen lips, blood & all. The push presses were tough since my major weakness is my arms. There were 2 ppl on the GHD machine for the back extensions, so the substitution was 75 supermans on the floor if the machines were taken. I did 20 supermans, but didn’t like them & saw an open GHD machine, so I did 50 there. The wall balls were a killer, but I was able to get it over the line 98% of the time. I missed ~4 of them & had to re-do those. The burpees took most of my energy away. After awhile, I was just crawling on the floor into position & crawling to get back up. I seriously hate burpees. I wasn’t too far behind at this point, so I did my double unders. I struggled a bit but I kept trying & I was able to finish them in good time. The Filthy 50 was totally a challenge, but I’m glad I finished it. I didn’t realize some blood dried up on my top 2 teeth as I was chatting w/ ppl afterwards. Gosh I mush have looked scary to them. How embarrassing. T gave me a cold beer can to ice my lip a bit after the WOD. That was a funny site to see. Too bad I don’t drink otherwise I would have taken the beer w/ me!

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