Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crossfit Day 54

September 27, Tuesday
– I’m nervous as sh*t today. My thighs are tight from the overhead walking lunges & my back from the hip extensions. I guess it’s a good thing to be nervous, but I’ve been more nervous lately especially right before the WOD. Maybe I doubt myself more? Or maybe everything is more challenging now so I really need to improve on everything. I’m not sure what it is, but I know I’ve been jittery nervous lately & I don’t like it one bit.

WOD – 2 min Max Distance Row, 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Wall Ball (6 – 10 ft target), 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Kettlebell Swings (35), 1 min Rest, 2 min Max Rep Burpees, 1 min Rest, 1000m Row for Time. My Results: 428m row, 33 wall ball, 30 kettlebell swings, 18 burpees. My Results: 1000m Row 5:12 minutes.

It felt like a long one today. I was in group 2 to start since we didn’t have enough rowing machines. The rowing was more of a sprint to try to do as fast as you can. I still stink at rowing. The 1 minute rest in between is not enough. Then off to wall balls. I did the 6lb ball, but I think I can go up in weight next time. I am getting better at them then I used to be, but I still dislike them. The kb swings we had to do Games Standard, which means it has to go directly overhead & you have to pause briefly before bringing it back down. They made it harder, but I was still able to do the 35lb kb. And the burpees are horrendous. I hate them. Again, Games Standard, so after you do a burpee, you get up & jump on top of a 45lb plate, making sure to open up your hips. The last 1000m was draining. I couldn’t feel my hands & forearms after awhile. I was the last to finish because I’m so slow w/ rowing. It was another tough WOD. Then we finished w/ 3 sets x Max Reps Toes to Bar – 2-2-1 rep. I can hardly do 2 in a row, but I’m still going to keep trying to get better at them.

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