Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crossfit Day 55

September 28, Wednesday
– Again, butterflies in my stomach just thinking about today’s WOD. I’m wondering if all this nervous energy is good for my system. I can’t imagine it is beneficial to my body.

WOD – "Angie" 100 pull-ups (red/purple), 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 air squats for Time. Results: 32:30 minutes.

Oh my goodness, the 100 pull-ups were a killer. It took me over 16 minutes to finish them. After the 1st 47, I had to rest after every 1 pull-up. It was so difficult & I had to use bands. D, Mich & Mo did unassisted ones. Mich modified the WOD so she did 4 rounds of 25 though. Mo tore her skin on her hands after 50 pull-ups, so she did 2 rounds of 50. D did them straight, so that’s mad diesel. I tried real push ups, but my arms were shaking a lot after 8, so I switched to knee push ups. The sit ups were probably the easiest for me although it still took awhile to do 100. I was able to do 40 air squats w/o resting, & the next 60 were slower, but I did them in a decent speed. I couldn’t feel my upper body after the WOD. The joys of CF!

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