Monday, October 10, 2011

Crossfit Day 61

October 7, Friday
– I didn’t really think I got too much of a workout yesterday since I was only practicing rope climbs & hand stands, but I really feel soreness on my back of my shoulders. I guess that’s from the rope climbs. My right shin is bruised up from the rope climbs too. After 2 climbs, I realized too late that my socks didn’t protect me enough from the burning of the rope, so it’s already bruised up. But I smartened up after & put on one of my knee pads to protect my shin from further bruising. I’ll have to remember that from now on. This week hasn’t been as bad as the previous 2 weeks, but I still feel pretty good about CF. I do get my low energy days but once I’m in there, I get really into it & come out feeling awesome. I have to remember to weigh in today because I’m going to attempt to follow the Nutrition Challenge that is starting on Monday. It’s going to be tough, but I hope I get through the next 7 weeks & see some awesome results. Wish me luck!

WOD – 7 Rounds 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (52), 10 Ring Dips (blue) For Time. My Results: 10:40 minutes.

We started w/ Push Press – 3-3-3-3-3 (Same weight across sets) – 42lb. My right shoulder is still the weak link, but at least I didn’t hit the bar against my lip again like last time. :-P The WOD went pretty good. I didn’t have issues w/ the Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, but I did scrap my knee up when I was setting the bar down to the ground twice. So there’s a slight bruise around the scrap now. We finished w/ a 300m Overhead Carry – (25). Boy do I hate them. My arms get so tired from walking w/ that weight overhead & I take many rests in between, but I still try my hardest to finish. It’s always satisfying when I finish.

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