Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crossfit Day 59

October 5, Wednesday
– I’m looking forward to tonight’s WOD since it’s a lot of running. I feel like I can run longer & faster than I’ve done before, so we’ll see how it turns out.

WOD – "Abbate" 1 mile run (9:33min), 21 Cleans & Jerks (155/115 33), 800m run, 21 Cleans & Jerks, 1 mile run (9:40min) for Time. My Results: 31:43 minutes.

Since it’s fall, by the time we start the WOD (a little after 6:45pm), it’s completely dark outside already. I was afraid I’d walk into a small pothole or step on large rocks in the parking lot of CF, so I was a little more careful when I was running. D bought a headlamp to use outside but she didn’t end up using it, but it’s highly useful. I actually bought it off of her & she’ll pick up another one. I can wrap it around my waist instead of my forehead, although I did put it on my forehead just for kicks. I felt like a Minion from the cartoon movie “Despicable Me.” Haha I was behind the 3 guys & D at the start of the WOD, which was fine w/ me. I wanted to pace myself w/ my run. Mich & L were behind me. I did my fastest mile that I know of coming in at 9:33 minutes! I was pretty stoked about it since our mile at CF is slightly more than a regular mile & part of it is uphill. I want to see if I can do an 8 or 9 minute mile in the future. I went w/ a lower weight for the cleans & jerks because when we were practicing, the 43lb was too heavy for me. I am ok w/ a lower weight because I want to keep practice proper form & really getting the bar overhead when I do the push jerks. By the time I was on my last mile, I was actually not ahead of one of the guys & I stayed ahead. I was behind Mich but I passed by her. So I finished 3rd next to the 2 guys. Not too bad. L was struggling w/ the running so she was still outside when everyone was finished, so D & I went out to look for her & to encourage her. D ended up running an extra ½ mile while I ran an extra ¼ mile. We were trying to motivate L since she is pretty new to our CF & we didn’t want to leave her outside in the dark by herself. I practiced some Reverse Hypers afterwards w/ the guidance of A the trainer so I now know how far my legs should go. It’s a pretty good machine but I can imagine it getting tough when you actually add weight to it.

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