Monday, October 31, 2011

Crossfit Day 75, Nutrition Challenge Day 19

October 28, Friday
– Another AMRAP today. I was thinking I probably shouldn’t have done Monday’s WOD last night because I did box jumps as well, but that’s ok, I think my body can handle it.

WOD – 15 minute AMRAP – 9 Deadlift (155/105 85), 12 V-Ups, 15 Box Jumps (24”/20”). My Results: 7 sets + 7 deadlifts.

I was aiming to do 95lb deadlift, but then the trianer told me I should do 50% of my max (125lb), which is 62.5lb, but I thought that was too little weight, so we settled on 85lb. The deadlifts were making my left knee feel a bit funny & not in a good way, so I was really careful w/ them. The v-ups weren’t too bad when you do only 12 of them at a time, & the box jumps are still one of my strong points. I was proud to do a little over 7 sets. We finished w/ 2 minute Hollow Holds, which hurts like a mofo. I was able to do 1 minute straight & the rest in 10 seconds spurts. Oh how it makes my neck strain.

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