Monday, October 17, 2011

Crossfit Day 66, Nutrition Challenge Day 5

October 14, Friday
Workout – I’m feeling tired today. I get the munchies more often now that I am restricting my diet. There’s so much foods out there that has soy products in it. Chocolate bars has soy lechitin for goodness sakes. Why would a chocolate bar have soy in it?!? Grrrrr. Not that I crave chocolate much but I wanted the boost of energy from a chocolate bar. We’re not allowed soy so that is out of the question. Lucky I brought my remaining soup to work because that really helped stave off my hunger pangs.

WOD – 10-20-30 Goblet Reverse Lunge (2-for-1) 35lb, Pull-Ups (red) for Time. My Results: 17:15 minutes.

We started w/ 5-10-15 Deadlifts. We start with a heavy set of 5, then drop ~10% off the bar & do 10. Then drop another 10% off & do 15. Sets should be touch & go, no releasing of the hands. I was able to do 115-95-75lb for the deadlifts. They got really tough when we added more repetitions to the lower weight. I need to keep working on my deadlifts. We started the WOD. The 2-for-1 Goblet Reverse Lunges (holding the kettlebell on your check & up to your chin) were really difficult. I felt like my arm muscles were going to pop out of my arms. Then we had to do pull-ups afterwards. My arms were exhausted. The bad part of this WOD is that the numbers goes UP instead of down, so we have more reps to do as we progress. My arms were failing for the remaining pull-ups so I had to rest after each one. I don’t know how others do it unassisted. I went down to the red band now but it’s still very difficult for me.

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