Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crossfit Day 64, Nutrition Challenge Day 3

October 12, Wednesday
Workout – Day 3 of the Nutrition Challenge. I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t feel hungry because I’m still eating snacks to get me through the day. My thighs are sore from the squats we did on Monday. I’m hoping I can continue to eat right for another 6.5 weeks! It’s going to be a long challenge. I think it’ll be the hardest on weekends & when I go out to eat, but we’ll see when we cross that road.

WOD – 100 Cleans & Jerks (42lb) w/ a partner. 1st person will do C&J, 2nd person will run 300m for Time. My Results: 19:25 minutes.

I did the WOD w/ Mich today. It was slightly drizzling outside & very dark, so I used my headlamp (put it around my waist) & did my runs w/ it. It’s SOOO useful! I’m glad D helped me buy it. I made sure my form to do the Cleans were good, so that I can do the Jerks properly. I varied them between the Push Jerk & the Split Jerk (when I got tired). I was able to do between 8-10 each time when Mich was running. I think I ran a total of 5 times which is slightly less than 1 mile. It felt good to finish.

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