Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crossfit Day 69, Nutrition Challenge Day 10

October 19, Wednesday
– I’m getting antsy. I’ve noticed I’ve been scrounging for snacks late at night only to come up w/ a banana or some meatballs to fulfill me. I want chips, cakes & pastas, but I am trying to keep focus. It’s only the 10th day of the Nutrition Challenge & it’s not getting any easier. The day is not even over yet & I want to eat, eat & eat some more! It’s so hard looking at food blogs & just wanting to eat everything on the screen. I am dreading when the weekend comes because we’ll be going out w/ others & I might not be able to eat anything off the menu. Oh the horrors of a starving rudie2shoes. I can get quite Incredible Hunk when I am hungry. I am also dreading the WOD because when it’s a “Heroes” WOD, it usually means it’s really difficult. I think the cold weather is making me dread working out more than anything. That, & plus the fact I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days aren’t helping the cause either.

WOD “Brenton” 5 Rounds 100ft Bear Crawl, 100ft Standing Broad Jump – Every 5 Broad Jumps you must complete 3 Burpees for Time. My Results: 14:53 minutes.

“Brenton” was majorly tiring. 100ft is 3 times back & forth inside in my gym. The bear crawl looks easier than it really is. You are using your entire body & gravity in the movement so it takes a toll on you. 3 times back & forth, then we did standing broad jumps. They require effort & you want to jump as far as you can. I fell on my ass a few times doing them because I jump really far but then lose my balance when I land. After doing 5 of them, we have to do 3 burpees. If you don’t know already, I really hate hate hate burpees! It’s a funny sight seeing everyone bear crawling on the floor. At least it’s a good total body workout. We finished w/ 3x20 GHD Hip Extensions & then, 2 minutes of Hollow Hold.

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