Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crossfit Day 67, Nutrition Challenge Day 8

October 17, Monday
– I’m happy I was able to cook foods yesterday so I’m not starving today & I won’t be wasting a lot of time during the week to cook & end up eating dinner extremely late. I’m feeling okay today w/ the Nutrition Challenge. It’s Monday so I usually have tons of food, but come Friday, the stash usually dwindles & I end up not having enough food to last me the day. I will try to ration the best I can but those sweet potato fries, although not baked to the way I would like, are still mighty yummy.

WOD – 30 Wall Balls (8lb), 30 Box Jumps (20”), 30 KB Swings (35lb), 30 Burpees, 30 Pull-Ups (red) – Part 1 – 3 minute AMRAP, 1 min rest, Part 2 – 5 minute AMRAP, 1 min rest, Part 3 – A for Time. My Results: Part 1 – 40 reps, Part 2 – 75 reps, Part 3 – 15:19 minutes.

The air is crisp & cool now, which means it’s downright COLD for me! I hate this weather. The gym was freezing to me & I wasn’t really warmed up before we started the WOD because it was just so cold in there. We did the 3 min AMRAP & the wall balls were killing me. I just couldn’t get it over the line & had to re-do them. It was so frustrating. I was the last one out of 6 people to finish them to get to the box jumps. When the 3 mins were up, my throat was burning from the cold air. I needed water to help me breathe properly. Then it was onto the 5 min AMRAP. The wall balls were brutal again, but I whizzed through the box jumps faster than everyone else. It’s one of my few strong exercises. I was happy I got to the kb swings. I was happier this time w/ my performance, but my throat was still burning from the cold air. More swigs of water for me, which I almost never do during a WOD. Then it was onto doing the entire WOD for Time. I was able to control my wall balls & get it over the line & hit the wall each & every time, so I didn’t struggle at all this time. I had brief rests in between to ensure I didn’t get air balls. I actually finished it 2nd this time! Whoo hoo. I was tired for the box jumps, but I did my thing steadily & finished it before anyone else. Off to do the kb swings & I was getting even more tired so I rested every few reps, but I finished that before anyone else & then got to the darn burpees. Gosh I really do hate them. I was nearly crawling on the floor, but still finished & was the first up for the pull-ups. I am still using the red band because I don’t think my shoulder can handle it. I got through about 10 before anyone else was on the bars. Then I had to rest after every one pull-up because my arms were failing me. K, the only guy there finished before me, but I wasn’t too far behind. Afterwards, I just couldn’t feel my upper arms anymore. It was pretty brutal. I did 3x20 GHD Hip Extensions afterwards to stretch myself out a little bit.

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