Monday, September 12, 2011

Crossfit Week 10 Summary & Month 2 Summary

Results – Other than the noticeable definition in my arms, there isn’t anything else noticeable about my body. I have, however, gone up in the weight for my Squat Cleans & Split Jerks, which is an accomplishment to me. Every little bit makes me happy since I’m doing more than I ever thought I could. I’m slowly building my strength & I’m happy w/ my progress.

Month 2 Summary
This is the first time I think people actually noticed that my body has made some changes. I definitely look more toned & I love my arm definition. I know there’s more to work on but this is a great motivator. It took 2 months (~42 days) before I really saw any prominent physical changes, so it’s very encouraging. I hope I see more changes in the upcoming months. At least I know my money has been worth it since I’ve never seen any changes when I was going to the gym on my own or even from playing sports. This was well worth the investment.

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