Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 30 Summary | Nutrition Challenge Drop-Out

January 26, Thursday
Workout – None.
Went up to Canada.

January 27, Friday
Workout – None.
In Canada. Cheated more on the Nutrition Challenge w/ over 6 cheats. I’m out of the challenge now.

Week 30 Summary
I was not as serious about this Nutrition Challenge as I was with the first one. I was less strict & I was open to using my cheats. If I don’t ever go out to eat, then I would have been able to stick w/ it, but I had to make a trip up to Canada & then try out venues for possible wedding caterers, so that totally threw the challenge. And I’m not even feeling the least bit guilty about it. I think I just need to learn to control myself & try not to overeat or over indulge w/ tasty foods. I know it’s a weakness of mine, but I will consciously try to work on it.

Results – I don’t see any noticeable results. My body hasn’t really changed. I have noticed mood swings on my part just like it happened w/ the last Nutrition Challenge. It is making me more emotional especially during that time of the month. I don’t like it whatsoever. It might be because of all the meats I’ve been eating?!? I’m not sure but I do notice a change in my moods when I’m on any type of Nutrition Challenge. I hope it goes away because it’s annoying me & V as well!

January 28, Saturday
Workout – None.

January 29, Sunday
Workout – None.

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