Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene came & went. Left some areas completely unharmed while others were damaged. My cousin's house was ok. Only a few fallen branches in the front yard. The neighbor across the street had a flooded basement. I left the house last night & drove maybe 100 feet down the block, there were tons more houses that were flooded & had a lot more fallen branches. Oh I feel bad for those people. Then a friend near the LI/Queens border had fallen trees on almost all the blocks surrounding his house. How scary. I drove through the area by my CF box & there were road closures due to flooded roads. This morning on my way to work, there were broken traffic lights so it caused slight mayhem on the morning rush hour to work. Here in the office, the network connection on my aisle works fine, but my neighbor's connection is down. She is only 5 feet away from me. I'm lucky I sit in this aisle. So even though my friends/family are all okay & there were no damage to their poperties, we all still feel the after effects of Hurricane Irene. I know I'm going to run into traffic & flooded areas again after work & I'm absolutely dreading it. I keep getting myself lost of the side streets! *sigh* Need to learn to memorize more routes so I won't get lost so often. I hope everything clears up soon so we can get on w/ our lives.

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