Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crossfit Day 27

August 16, Tuesday
– I’m nervous about today’s WOD. It looks really intense. My stomach is already turning. I always have this nervous energy whenever I know I have a WOD to do, but once I’m there, I’m pumped for the WOD. Let’s hope this one goes over well.

WOD – Rick’s Bday WOD – Complete the following for Time: 31 Calorie Row, 31 Front Squats (45lb), 31 Box Jumps (20”), 31 Toes to Bar, 31 Push Ups, 31 KB Swings (35), 31 Pull Ups (blue & purple band), 31 Jumping Lunges (2-for-1), 31 Burpees, 31 Double Unders My Results: 35:14 minutes.

Oh my goodness, that WOD was insane. I felt so completely out of shape during the entire WOD. I was slow w/ the row, & then I struggled w/ the front squats. My legs just wouldn’t cooperate. I was thinking it was from the 100 Air Squats I did the day before. I took my time & tried my best, but 31 repetitions are annoying! I was able to do the box jumps but I did rest in between. The toes to bar were difficult for me since I still can’t get my toes all the way up yet. For the push ups, the trainer came by & told me to keep my body in the plank position even if I have to do them on my knees. I’ve been doing push ups improperly since I hate them so much. Grrrrrr! The KB swings went ok, but we had to aim for almost overhead this time & the drop always gets my footing off kilter. The pull ups started off ok, but got harder & harder when having to do 31 of them. The jumping lunges completely, positively sucked! I hate them too. They get you so exhausted & it is 2-for-1 which means each leg only counts as .5! Argh! The burpees always stink too. I’m wondering if I’m doing them wrong too. I think I’m supposed to be in a push up position when I’m on the floor. I’ll check w/ the trainers because I feel like I’m cheating myself if I have the wrong form. To end it all were the double unders. I took off my sneakers & it was slightly easier to do them. I was able to do about 4 in a row (w/ a single jump in between), but I counted attempts as well because by that time, I had no more energy left in me. The WOD was incredible long & hard & I did not enjoy it one bit.

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