Friday, August 26, 2011

Crossfit Day 34

August 25,

Workout – The top of my head is a bit sore. I think I was pushing my head against the wall a little while I was doing my hand stand hold yesterday. My calves are super sore today due to the combination of the double-unders on Tuesday & the hang power cleans & split jerks yesterday. My right arm took a slight beating from the double-unders too but not as bad as the last time. My chin is sore too from hitting the bar during the hang power cleans, but luckily (for now) there’s no bruise. Every part of my body is sore & achy, so I’d need to find a WOD that I can possible do today w/o making me feel even achier. Let’s see if V has any suggestions.

WOD – 1 mile run, 100 GHD Hip Extension, 100 Sit-Ups (ab mat), 1 mile run for Time. My Results: 32:34 minutes.

I stuck w/ a WOD that didn’t work on my arms because my arms are pretty sore. My calves are sore too but I don’t mind using them as much as my arms since I have issues w/ my right shoulder. I had the trainer map a 1 mile run for me nearby. I did the run in a little over 10 minutes, which is pretty good for me. There were some hills on the run so I felt challenged. The 100 hip extensions were tough because they get really tiring. I took many breaks. It took me about 7 minutes to finish them. I did the sit-ups in about 5.5 minutes & then finished my last mile run in about 10 minutes again. I didn’t feel winded or too tired from the WOD. I felt pretty good during the WOD & when I was done.

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