Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crossfit Day 19

rudie2shoes vs walking lunges
Winner: walking lunges
August 2, Tuesday
Workout – Practice back squats by doing 10-8-6-4-2. I was doing this w/ Danielle & Carolina. We started off w/ 53lb for 10 reps, then 63lb for 8 reps, then 73lb for 6 reps, 83lb for 4 reps, & finally 93lb for 2 reps. I was surprised that I was able to do 93lb back squats! How awesome is that. Tim said next time we’ll work on doing 103lb, then 113lb. I’m like, that’s crazy, that’s my entire body weight! But I think w/ a little more practice, I can do it. 93lb back squat was pretty tough & heavy but I was able to do it. My legs felt wobbly afterwards, but who cares, I did 93lb!

WOD –50-35-20 Reps Overhead Walking Lunge (each step is 1 – 10lb), Box Jumps (20”), Hand Release Push Ups for Time. My Results: 17:05 minutes.

We started outside in the hot sun w/ a 10lb plate over our heads doing walking lunges on the hard concrete. Our knees should touch the ground. Halfway through the first set (of 50) my legs were feeling the burn of the lunges. There were ~8 of us outside, & I kept feeling some guy creeping up besides me. I just kept going & I was able to finish fairly quickly. Then it was off to the box jumps. I tried one & oh my goodness, my thighs were feeling like Jell-O after all the lunges. I took a small rest at the bottom of the box & just did slow & steady for the 50 box jumps. It was definitely a cardio challenge, but I didn’t go insanely fast nor did I go really slowly, so I was able to finish, & then move onto the hand release push ups. I just zone out when I do them, & focus on the wall or the timer & just keep pushing myself to finish. In my head, I tell myself, “ok, I’m halfway through, only 25 more to go” to keep myself motivated. Another trainer was there to encourage us as well, so that helped me want to do better. I was surprised I was the first one to finish the first 50, so I was outside by myself doing the next 35 walking lunges. In my head, I tried to trick myself into thinking we only had to do 35, but I have to admit, they were rough & my knees took a beating afterwards. Tim came out to encourage me since I was the only person outside. 2 of the other guys came out while I was almost done & they were saying I was doing a good job & that I was killing the workout. That was a boost of motivation for me. I finished & was on the box jumps again. I took a breather before beginning & again, my thighs were Jell-O again. I took my time & did it at a good pace & kept at it. Zoned out once again for the hand release push ups. Then back outside for my last 20 walking lunges. I was really ahead of everyone at this point, but I still wanted to get a good time just for myself. The last 20 lunges sucked big time & my knees were feeling every touch of the concrete. Last 20 box jumps were motivated by the trainer telling me to keep going. On the floor for the last 20 hand release push ups & again, I tried to zone out. Another girl who was way behind me was encouraging me to keep going, which was really nice. I think I looked like I was dying on the floor while doing the hand release push ups. Haha I couldn’t believe I was the first to finish the WOD! Whoo-hoo! It’s my first time finishing first for any of the WODs. I was ecstatic about it because I don’t think it’ll happen again, so I’ll take what I can get. It’s such an amazing feeling, but I definitely won’t let it go to my head. We did 2x30 GHD sit-ups afterwards & they were a killer. I was out of breath when I was done w/ them. I do feel like my endurance has increase in the past few weeks & I do feel better & livelier after the WODs. My body is taking a beating from Crossfit, but I think my body likes the beatings.

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