Friday, August 19, 2011

Crossfit Day 29

rudie2shoes vs row or double unders
Winner: row or double unders
I'm not even how how I got this. I saw it while in the dressing room trying on shorts. *shrug*

August 18, Thursday
– My legs were pretty sore from yesterday’s WOD. I walked into the CF gym & there were tons of people today. There were only 5 people yesterday & only 3 of us (me, D & K) did the WOD. Pat said it’s because no one likes to do snatches or the Olympic lifts. Wow, it didn’t even occur to me that people pick & choose which WODs they want to do. I think that’s because I bought the unlimited month & I want to make the most of it, so I go as much as possible. But I’m sure others only have the 8 or 12 session/month package which limits them & they’ll choose only the WODs they want to do. That makes sense. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. I didn’t really know too many people so it felt a bit intimidating again. The few people I did know haven’t come in as much lately. Many of the people have been there for a lot longer & they all know each other or knew each other from before, or they have their significant other going to CF w/ them, but I still don’t really know too many people. I don’t feel very sociable & don’t even know what to talk to people about. *sigh* I think it’ll be better when it’s an organized class instead of Thursdays, which is do your own thing day. I still like Thursdays only because I can try out a WOD that Vince did or another one that I missed from weeks before. I like that option of trying something new.

WOD –2 Rounds 60 GHD Hip Extension, 50 Sit-ups (w/ Ab Mat), 40 Toes to Bar (attempts), 30 V-ups, 20 Plank to Push-up, 10 Burpees for Time. My Results: 33:34 minutes.

This was an intensive abdominals WOD that V had done a week or so ago at his CF box. I asked the trainer for advice & he said he wouldn’t recommend the WOD because it’s overkill for the abs. I told him I’ll try 1 round & see how I feel. I went through 1 round & thought I could finish 2, so I continued. By the time I got to the V-ups again, I was struggling w/ them. I finished up & was all sweaty from the WOD. It was a tough WOD but it was definitely different from all the ones we have done in the past. I still feel really good after the WOD, so I hope this feeling continues.

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