Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crossfit Day 20

August 3, Wednesday
– I think I’m getting slightly sick. I’ve been getting the sniffles all day & have been blowing my nose. I hope it’s only because I’m allergic to the office & not because I’m actually getting sick. I’m nervous about today’s WOD. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of running for me since I can’t do that many pull-ups. I’m already nervous & jittery. I think I’m all out of nervous poop so I need to replenish my energy supply w/ another homemade Larabar. What can I say, nervousness makes me poop!

WOD – 20 minute AMRAP – 400m Run, Max Reps Pull-Ups without coming off the bar My Results: 5 rounds (~1.25 miles) + 79 pull-ups (blue & purple band). Finisher: Side Planks – 2 min on each side.

For our WOD, we’d have to run 400m, & then come inside to do as many pull-ups as we possibly can, then keep doing rounds of that. If there’s a minute left on the clock & you’ve finished your pull-ups, you’ll have to go back outside to run even though you won’t finish your run. The trainer told us someone had to hang on that bar for 30 seconds just so they don’t have to go back outside to run. It was slightly rainy outside & yucky, but we still did our run. I was able to keep a good pace w/ my run & not tire myself out on the uphill. I kept my breath steady the entire 5 rounds of running, which was great. On my 1st round of pull-ups, I wanted to get a strong number & I was able to do 24. I wanted 25 but my arms wouldn’t cooperate. The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th round numbers went down to 15, 14, & 12. The last round I had 1 minute left on the clock to do my pull-ups. I did 12 & was exhausted & there was 20 seconds left on the clock. The trainer told me to hang on, so I did, but I also tried for a few more pull-ups & was able to do 2 more. I wanted to do 15 but my arms did not function after that, so 14 it was. I finished w/ 79 pull-ups which was the highest number in the class (other classes had higher numbers). I was still excited I was able to push myself. Every day is an accomplishment for me since it is constantly challenging me physically & mentally. I have to motivation to keep pushing forward & trying to do my best, my fastest, my hardest. I guess that is the CF culture to want to do your best.

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