Monday, August 29, 2011

Crossfit Day 35

Workout – I don’t feel any soreness in my abs whatsoever. I was hoping the 100 sit-ups would make me sore but maybe I’d need to wait another day for the soreness to kick in. My calves are still sore but I don’t think the 2 mile run from yesterday affected it much. I’m nervous about the farmers carry today because we have to carry 2 kettlebells on our run. It’s my first time doing that so it’ll be quite a sight for me to attempt it.

WOD –3 Rounds 300m Farmers Carry (100/50), 40 Box Jumps (24/20) for Time. My Results: 15:01 minutes.

Press – 3-3-3-3-3 (Go for a 3 rep max) 32-37.5-38.5-38.5-38.5lb. The presses are hard because you’re not allowed to use your legs to boost the bar up overhead. I tried 42lb but was only able to do 2 reps of it. I couldn’t even get a 3rd rep in. *sigh* So I had to lower the weight otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to finish my 5 sets of 3.
For the WOD, we started w/ the Farmers Carry. I used 2 – 26lb kettlebells (total of 52lb) to carry w/ me. I initially thought it wouldn’t be too hard to run w/ it, so I started off walking pretty fast, but after the first 100m, that extra 52lb really drags you down. So I went w/ a walk instead. It’s so tiring on your forearms & you wish you can walk faster, but it won’t let you. I tried to take as little of breaks as possible because I wanted to keep my momentum going. I was behind G, while K & L were behind me. They all carried heavier weights than I did. I was on track w/ G on the box jumps, but he finished before I did. Round 2 & I was behind G again, but he was getting tired & was taking more breaks, so I actually started passing him. I just did slow & steady w/ my walk. Kept my grip on the kettlebells (my workout gloves really helped) & took breaks when I felt I couldn’t hold onto the weights anymore. A few of the previous class' CFers were outside watching us & cheering us on. I heard JR tell D that “She’s [rudie2shoes] tough as nails, just like you [D].” That was nice of him to say & to hear. I finished the box jumps & was out the door for my last round. I was the only one outside, but I felt like someone would be catching up to me soon, so I quickly went on my way. There was no one behind me btw, I was just being paranoid. Haha I was tired from the farmer’s carry but I went into to finish my box jumps. There was no one in there w/ me. I was on my last 2 box jumps when G came in. When I finished, the trainer asked what my time was. I told him it was 15:01 & that I was upset it wasn’t 15 minutes flat. He then told me he thinks that’s the best time for today. I didn’t look at the board before the WOD, so I didn’t know what a fast time vs a slow time was for this WOD. I checked the board & the fastest person listed was 15:06, which was 5 seconds behind my time. I was the fastest for the entire day!!! WHOO-HOO!!! OMG! I totally didn’t expect that whatsoever. I’m ecstatic about it. I never thought that would ever happen. Now everyone is telling me I need to up my kettlebell weights the next time I do the farmer’s run. I’m just so happy that I tried my best & it really paid off. This is such a high for me. I get good days at CF & some days they’re not so good. This is definitely one of the highlights of my time at CF thus far. We had a Finisher of 2 minute maximum burpees. I did them on my knees & was able to do 21. It was difficult but I kept at them the best I could. I do not like burpees at all, but they do help strengthen my arms so I’ll keep at them.

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