Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crossfit Day 32

August 23, Tuesday
Workout – No headache today. Thank goodness. I had good sleep last night so I think that was the culprit. Sleep really does cure all ailments.

WOD –(Same as Day 5 on 7/12) 5 Rounds 50 Double Unders, 15 Pull-Ups (red & purple band), 15 Ring Dips for Time. My Results: 33:10 minutes.

We did this WOD on my 2nd day of my unlimited month, but I only attempted 20 double unders + 100 single jumps & the pull-ups w/ the green band, so the WOD was slightly different, but I can say I can now do more double unders in succession (~10 w/ a single jump in between) & I now use the red/purple band for pull-ups. The ring dips haven’t changed w/ the use of the blue band. My time today was 12 seconds slower compared to 7/12, but that is because I actually did 50 double unders for each round & my pull-ups are more difficult. I am still proud of my accomplishments. After 5 minutes of rest, we had to do 50 Toes to Bar. I only did 25 but I was finally able to do 2 REAL Toes to Bars!!! I was pretty excited since I was never able to do it before. Yippee! All in all, it was a challenging WOD & I was able to accomplish one thing on my list & that was to do a complete Toes to bar.

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