Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crossfit Day 22

August 8, Monday
Workout – I feel unmotivated today. Maybe I’m feeling a little burned out from working out? Or maybe it’s because I haven’t gone to CF for 3 days so which might be too long to be away. Maybe it’s the weekend activities that are tiring me out so come Monday, I’m exhausted & haven’t gotten enough rest, so I feel unmotivated to go workout. Whatever it is, I don’t like the feeling.

WOD – 12 minute AMRAP – 15 Wall Balls (6lb to 10ft target), 10 Ring Rows, 5 Burpees. My Results: 5 sets + 1 wall ball.

We started today by doing 2-2-2-2-2 Front Squats. I was working w/ a fellow crossfitter today who brought in her 2 boys (5 & 8 yr old). We started w/ 63lb, did 2 sets of 2s, & then went up to 73lbs for another 2 sets of 2s. We ended w/ 83lb which was very challenging but we were both able to do it! I am able to do a higher weight for back squats (93lb) than I am for front squats (83lb) but I’m pretty psyched about how much weight I can do for both exercises.

Our WOD was tiring & difficult. I always have trouble w/ the wall balls. I had a butt ball to help w/ my squats because the more wall balls I do the worse my form for the squats become. I used the 6lb ball because I can handle the weight. I’ll work my way up, but for now, 6lb is pretty challenging for me. The ring rows take a lot of energy out of you. I started out on a more horizontal position, but by the time I was doing my 4th & 5th rounds, I had to move myself to a more vertical position because they were getting too difficult for me to finish. The burpees are just annoying. Thank goodness it was only 5 per round. I’m pretty tired today.

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