Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crossfit Day 18

rudie2shoes vs double unders
Winner: double unders
August 1, Monday
– We reviewed the Overhead Squats (OHS) & I was unable to do a full one since my knees & shoulders kept turning w/ the 22lb bar. The trainer had to modify if for me by putting a box & a large plate behind me so that I would be comfortable doing the squat without toppling over. We also had the Hand stand Push Ups (HSPU) to do but I knew my arms are too weak to even attempt those, so again, I had to modify doing push-ups while my legs were propped up onto a 20” box & sticking my butt up to do a push-up. My head had to hit the ab mat on the ground. They were difficult enough.

WOD – For Time 500m Row, then 5 Rounds – 30 Double Unders, 15 5 Overhead Squats (20lb), 10 Hand Stand Push Ups Box Push Ups (20”), finish w/ 500m Row for Time. My Results: 27:30 minutes.

My modified WOD was still very difficult for me. The double unders had me huffing & puffing. I whipped my arms so much that I didn’t even realize what I had done to myself until after the WOD was over. It looks pretty bad. I need more practice w/ double unders. I was able to do about 7 in a row, but then I would mess up a lot after that. I struggled w/ the OHS since my right shoulder rolls forward & my knees roll inwards, but I kept trying. I want to get my shoulders & knees stronger so I can do this without having a box behind me to keep me from toppling over. The box push ups are much more difficult than regular push ups. There’s more weight going towards your arms & I struggled w/ those as well. I was exhausted by the time I reached the rowing machine & I did my last 500m in almost 3 minutes which is really slow. I did some stretching afterwards, did 30 GHD sit-ups. Then I told another girl that I’ve never done a hand stand before so she told me to get the other trainer to assist me. With an ab mat on the wall, my arms locked out & about 1 foot away from the wall, I tried to throw my legs onto the wall. That didn't work, so the trainer had me in a push up position & he pulled my feet onto the wall. My arms are still too weak, so they buckled & wouldn’t stay straight & my head hit the ab mat, but it was pretty cool being upside down like that. He told me to use more ab mats next time so that my head doesn’t hit the ground like that & just work on the hand stand, then slowly work my way into a HSPU. How awesome that I did my first semi hand stand! I definitely want to practice those too.

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