Friday, July 29, 2011

Crossfit Week 4 Summary

Results – I did 5 days this week so I’m pretty happy about that. My right shoulder is still feeling bad, but this week’s WODs haven’t aggravated it, so that’s a good thing. Physically, I feel like I’m pushing myself more & more at each time I go in. I was a bit on-the-fence last week regarding what I’ll be doing after my one-month unlimited membership is up, but this week made me more psyched about continuing my membership for another few months. I think going to Crossfit keeps me motivated & challenges me in different ways each time. I don’t see any significant changes to my body thus far. No weight gain/loss either, but I don’t gain/lose weight easily. I do feel like my arms & legs are getting stronger. I am also working on eating healthier during the week when I can control it & I hope to see results in the future.

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