Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crossfit Day 13

July 25, MondayWorkout – I feel nauseous right before I leave the office to go to Crossfit. Just the thought of Crossfit makes me nervous. And I need the bathroom excessively beforehand. It’s my nervous twitch. But once I’m there, I’m pumped for what’s to come.

WOD – 3 rounds for 18 minutes – 1 min row (count calories), 1 min ring dips (blue band), 1 min double unders (jump rope), 1 min dumbbell push press (15lb), 1 min toes to bars, 1 min rest. My Results: 61-66-70 for a total of 197.

We did 3 rounds of 5 – 1 min exercises with a 1 min break after the exercises. It started off pretty well. I rowed furiously for 1 minute which only burned 11 calories. Then I couldn’t take my foot straps off fast enough so I lost some time then ran to my ring dip station (which was on the far side of the gym), then did my dips. I feel like it was easier for me to do the ring dips this time, which might mean I’m a little stronger now. Then off to do double unders. I still struggle w/ them, but I’ll have to keep practicing to get better. Next was the dumbbell push presses. The 15lb weight was good for me, heavy enough to keep me challenged. They get really tiring. Then lastly were the toes to bars. I was not able to get one full one, but I got closer this time. My swing was wider & my legs rose higher. I need to get my core (abs) & arms more engaged & continue to work on it. I pushed a little harder for the 2nd round & I did a few more repetitions. For the last round I pushed myself even more & I felt like I could have almost thrown up towards the end while doing toes to bar. I stopped when I hit 70, otherwise I might have actually thrown up. It was a good, challenging work-out. It’s keeping me on my toes & everyday it is something different. Afterwards, I did 3x20 GHD Hip Extensions. They get really tiring. Then I did 30 sit-ups on the ab mat. Today was a good day. I was feeling really slow & sluggish all this, and this was a great pick-me-up to end the day.

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