Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crossfit Day 5

July 12, Tuesday

There were about 8 ppl in the class today. We quickly [tried] to learn the kipping method pull-ups, ring-dips & double unders (double swing of jump rope). Then we went into the WOD.

WOD – Modified workout: 5 sets of 20 Double-Unders, 100 Single Jump Rope, 15 Pull-Ups (green band assisted), 15 Ring Dips (blue band assisted). My Results: 32:58 minutes.

The double-under is harder to keep doing because they tire you out since you have to jump higher & swing faster. I was able to do the 100 single jumps fairly easily since I’ve had practice in the past. The kipping pull-ups using the blue band weren’t working out for me, so Tim had me change it to the green band (more support). I still could not get the kipping motion as it feels unnatural to me. I had Tim show me a few times during the work-out but I just ended up doing a regular pull-up which definitely tires you out even w/ the green band. I then attempted the assisted ring dips. My arms are definitely weak. After doing 5, my neck/shoulder muscle cramped up so I had to stop & massage it out. I told Tim & he said I could do push-ups instead, but I forged ahead w/ the ring dips. They are definitely tough. Each set was really hard for me. The jump rope was the easiest of the exercises, but it definitely wore you out from all that cardio. I would rest after about 5 pull-ups & continue. Same w/ the ring dips. I struggled w/ both exercises. I really didn’t think I could finish 5 sets, which equates to 100 double under, 500 single jumps, 75 pull-ups & 75 ring dips. That is a LOT of reps to do. I continued on & didn’t want to quit. I would rest when I needed it, but still continued to push myself. I thought the other girls were just about done so I kept up as best as I could. I actually finished before all the other girls in the class (some had less assistance w/ the pull-ups, etc so we all did slightly different work-outs; some were doing a harder workout than I was). Today was definitely a challenge & I was fatigued by it. I’m back to being nervous about the workouts. Haha After the WOD, we did the GHD Hip Extensions 3 sets x 20. I also do GHD sit-ups 3 sets x 10. Those really worked out my abs & back & hip flexors.

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