Friday, July 15, 2011

Crossfit Day 7

July 14, Thursday

Workout – My shoulders & abs are sore today from yesterday’s workout. It was our day to work on anything. We can do a previous WOD or make up one. Or we can just practice things we need work on. So another girl (Carolina) & I asked the trainer (Pat) to make up a WOD for us today that isn’t arm intensive. Once we warmed up, we were all set to do the WOD.

WOD –21-19-15-12-9 for time – Box Jumps (18”), Jumping Lunges, Sit-Ups (using ab mat). My Results: 11:03 minutes.

It wasn’t too difficult to do, but the first few sets were really long & since you’re using your legs a lot, it really tired you out. The jumping lunges were the most difficult since you have to touch your back knee to the floor & then jump to the other side for the next lunge. The sit-ups weren’t too bad since I like ab workouts. Afterwards, I did 60 GHD Sit-Ups & 60 GHD Hip Extensions. I then practiced my double-unders (jump rope) & was able to do 7 in a row (w/ a single jump in between). They are difficult to get the hang of since you’re exerting more energy for the double jumps. I also practiced my kipping motion w/ & w/o the bands. I can do it w/o the band, but I can’t pull myself up. I did 3 kipping pull-ups w/ the blue band. I also did 15 non-kipping pull-ups w/ the blue band. I will keep practicing.

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