Friday, July 22, 2011

Crossfit Day 11

July 21, Thursday
WorkoutI am so sore today. Everything is sore. Arms, legs, back, abs, everything! I still muster some energy to go to Crossfit. It was our day to work on anything we wanted. I asked the trainer (Pat) to show me how to use the rowing machine properly. He showed me the 3 steps of rowing. 1) Push w/ your legs, 2) Open your hips, 3) Pull w/ your arms & you return in the opposite order (arms, hips, legs). It was different rowing knowing that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. I did 1000m row warmup (~6 minutes), & then had Pat show me kipping pull-ups. I tried the blue & purple band this time & it seems to work pretty well. I’m still practicing the technique but I think I’ll eventually get it. He also showed me Toe to Bars. He actually had me lay on the floor holding onto a regular bar above my head, & then bringing my toes to the bar. Then he had me activate my arms while doing the same motion & it was much easier to do. I need to remember that when I practice on the real pull-up bar. I also practiced the Overhead Squats. I have trouble keeping the bar overhead. Another girl at the gym, Desiree, helped me out by suggesting taking my shoes off because the air cushion on the back doesn’t help w/ keep my heels on the ground. I tried the 22lb bar & it was a challenge for me. I stayed at the gym for about 2 hours just practicing & trying to get better & stronger. My arms definitely are killing me now & I have one blister in the middle of my right hand. Ouch.

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