Friday, July 1, 2011

Crossfit Day 3 - Fundamentals Crash Course & Week 1 Summary

June 30, Thursday

Workout – 3rd day of 3-day Fundamentals Course (45 mins) – Arms & thighs are sore today. Need to loosen my arms/shoulders/back some more to increase flexibility. I’m psyched about being stronger on my upper body since I’ve had so many shoulder/arm issues due to vball. They expanded the gym to the space next door so it’s really huge now, but there’s some work they need to do to fix everything up. We did some warm-up exercises on our own. We were shown how to do Cleans, Power Cleans & Hang Power Cleans. There are a lot of different movements occurring at the same time for the Hang Power Cleans. First, we start off w/ slightly bent knees, w/ the bar around mid-thigh, arms straight. Then we push up w/ our knees, which we shrug our shoulders & pull up on the bar w/ our arms, then we roll our arms underneath the bar making sure our elbows are up & out, while the bar is resting on our shoulders. He showed us Burpees. In a standing position, go to the floor & have your chest touching the ground, then get up & jump & clap your hands over your head. For wall balls, we take a weighted ball by the wall. Squat down w/ the ball in front of you, then when you get up from the squat, you throw the ball up to the wall pass the blue line they’ve drawn & catch the ball & go right back into a squat, & repeat.

WOD – 12 minute AMRAP (as many reps are possible) – 5 Hang Power Cleans (22lb bar), 7 Burpees, 9 Wall Balls (8lb ball). My Results: 6 sets + 5 hang power cleans + 2 Burpees.

Oh my goodness, was I tried after each set. The Hang Power Cleans were awkward because it doesn’t come naturally but after awhile, you get the hang of it. The burpees were easy at first, but after a few more sets, they were getting extremely difficult just to get up from the floor. I had the most trouble w/ the Wall Ball because the ball was heavy for me & every time I got up from my squat, I had to jump a little in order to get the ball over the blue line. They took a lot out of me. I need a lot more strengthening work. This Crossfit thing is really tough. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done before & my body is definitely not used to this intensity or the types of exercises we’re doing. I’m not sure how I’ll do for the rest of my month w/ the LivingSocial coupon, but I definitely feel the results thus far. My arms are sore as heck. Doing simple things like scratching my face takes a lot of effort. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail is extra hard because my muscles are so tight & sore right now. I feel soreness in muscles I don’t normally use at the gym. We have the 4th of July holiday weekend coming up so it’ll be 4 days off from Crossfit. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back on Tuesday to begin my unlimited month just yet. It’s really intimidating seeing all these diesel bodies there, especially girls w/ 6-pack abs, but I will try my best to better myself at my own pace.
V took a free intro class at a Crossfit by his job too. So he’s been doing the workouts for the past 3 days as well & he's just as sore as I am. He’ll probably join & pay for membership for a few months, which is exciting because he’ll be doing something similar to me. We’ve been doing different workouts, but we all eventually learn the same stuff, so it’s great that I can share the same pain w/ him.

Crossfit Week 1 Summary (6/28 - 6/30)

The 3 day Crossfit crash course Fundamentals course is officially over.

– My entire body is sore as heck. My triceps are bulging (from being so swollen) that scratching my face or washing my hair has become a chore. I try not to lean on my arms when I sleep since they are aching. I can’t feel my prior shoulder pains from volleyball since my arms are so sore right now. I don’t sleep on my right arm because it aches when I do, which also helps alleviate my vball injury. I’ve never worked this hard before, EVER! Not even when I used to do volleyball drills for 2-3 hours in JHS/HS. Crossfit totally kicked my butt this week. I’m excited about what is to come, yet nervous as heck at the same time. I hope the swollen muscles will go down because I need to wash my hair often!

July 1, Friday
Workout -
45 minute biking.

July 2, Saturday
Workout - 2 hour beach volleball

July 3, Sunday
Workout – 80 minute walking (~7.14 miles)

July 4, Monday
Workout – None. Light walking around the city.

July 5, Tuesday
Workout – None.

July 6, Wednesday
Workout – 20 minute swim (~15 laps)

July 7, Thursday
Workout – 30 minute swim (~30 laps)

July 8, Friday
Workout – None.

July 9, Saturday
Workout – 40 minute biking. 10 minute playing catch w/ softball.

July 10, Sunday
Workout – None.

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