Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crossfit Day 2 - Fundamentals Crash Course

June 29, Wednesday
Workout - 2nd day of 3-day Fundamentals Course (45 mins) – I don’t feel as sore today as I was yesterday since I had really good sleep last night. I’m ready for today’s new lesson. I’m beginning to get nervous before the start of the class. I feel a bit intimidated. I read on another Crossfit blog that everyone needs to check their egos at the door. I will try to take that in & hope others do as well. Almost time to go!

We started w/ Mobility stretches. Then we learned how to do Overhead Presses w/ the PVC pipe. We did it just standing straight. Then, we tried it w/ a push from our knees to help it up (Push Press). Then we split our legs (one in front, the other in back in a lunge position) & as we split, we push the bar up (Split Press). We each got to use the bar (girls used 22lbs). I did 5 Overhead Presses. They weren’t too bad. Then I tried 3 Push Presses. They seemed a lot easier. At this point, the bar was weighing me down & my arms were getting a bit tired. Then I tried the Split Press. My legs didn’t cooperate so I didn’t do it properly. Tried again & got it but my legs are wobbly from not being used to the movement along w/ the weight overhead. I did a few more & got the hang of it for now.

WOD – 300 m run, 12 Push Presses (using two 10lb hand weights), 15 box jumps (18” box both feet together) X 4 sets. My Time: 12:57 minutes.

So we were out & jogging around the parking lot. I was in front behind one guy. Started on the Push Presses. Not too bad. Then the box jumps. They do take a lot out of you after 15. Then out the door for run #2. I’m out of breath this time. There are more ppl in front of me, but that’s ok. My arms are getting more tired from the Push Presses. Then the box jumps. Again, 15 seems too long. Round 3 of the jog. Totally out of breath but trying to get it controlled & slow down my heart rate a bit. In my head, I’m halfway through, but the end still seems so far. At my station for the Push Presses & again, I’m out of breath. But I forge through them. Took a deep breath & started my box jumps. Thank goodness for all that jumping I’ve done for volleyball otherwise this might have posed a bigger challenge for me. Last round. I’m tired, but I have to finish & I don’t want to be last. I’m jogging behind a guy & I finish my final set of Push Presses. My arms are dead tired. The guy next to me starts his box jumps before me. I start mine but am trying to go at it faster, but still keeping my form. I finish before him. YAY! My time was 12:57 minutes. I think I was either the 3rd or 4th person to finish, somewhere in the middle. I want to improve on my time & not get so winded. I didn’t think 13 minutes would kick my butt so badly, but it did. My body is so sore! Let’s see what tomorrow will bring because I’m sure it will be another challenge.

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