Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crossfit Day 33

rudie2shoes vs hand-stand
Winner: rudie2shoes

August 24, Wednesday
Workout – My calves are sore today from the 250 double unders I did yesterday. The muscles are tight. I’ve been feeling tired today. I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep & it’s making me grumpy & unproductive. I also feel slightly burnt out from CF, but I think that could be due to my lack of sleep.

WOD – 5 sets for time – 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 7 Push Jerk (or Split Jerk) – used 32lb. My Results: 14:04 minutes.

We re-did a WOD from 7/13. My time then was 11:48min using 32lb. My time today was 2:16 minutes longer, but I used 42lb this time. I have to say, it was rough. The increase in weight really challenged me. I was okay w/ the deadlifts, but I had trouble w/ the hang power cleans. I pulled too hard on the bar & it hit me on the chin, twice. I’m ok but it did hurt & I was able to continue. The split jerks are hard because you have to bring the bar overhead of you at the same time you split your legs into a lunge-like position. I have more stability doing split jerks than I do w/ push jerks, but they do take a little longer to do. I was the last one to finish & I was ok w/ that because I wanted to do it w/ proper form. Everyone was watching me & cheering me on, so that was encouraging. We had to do a 2 minute hand stand afterwards. I still cannot get into the hand stand position on my own, so I had Tim help me the first few times. I was able to hold it for awhile. I wanted to get a picture of me in that position to show V, so Erin (Tim’s wife) grabbed her camera to take a picture for me. I tried to get up by myself but I struggled & was not able to. I asked Erin for help & she pulled me up. I tried to hold the position as long as I possibly can. I felt all my blood rush to my lips! Haha It’s such a weird, strange feeling to be upside-down for that long of a period (I’m sure it was only 30 seconds but it felt really long). I’m amazed my arm was able to support my weight. I think w/ time, I’ll get better at it & hopefully, I will be able to do one by myself!

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