Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crossfit Day 23

August 9, Tuesday
Workout – Some days when I’m sitting in my cubicle for long periods of time & I get up, everything in my body cracks & creaks & it is stiff & sore. I have to constantly stretch my legs to get rid of the tightness, but it happens each time I get up. I think I need to walk away from my desk more often throughout the day. It’s been pretty busy lately so I get up less. I was hoping CF WODs would help but I guess nothing really helps if you’re sitting on your butt for 8-9 hours a day.

WOD –7 Rounds 300m Run, 15 Pull-Ups (blue & purple band), 15 Box Jumps for Time. My Results: 25:33 minutes.

We had the option to either run or row, but a fellow CFitter told me that running was better since rowing is arm intensive before you do pull-ups. I listened but I also did some math. My fastest rowing time for a 500m was 2:33 minutes, so ½ of that (250m) would be 1:15 minutes + a little more to make 300m. I figured I’m actually faster at running than I am at rowing, so I opted for running. My math was correct since I ran 300m in less than 1:20 minutes for the 1st round. I was behind this girl who is super fit & 21 yrs old & guy who is also pretty quick during the run, but I held my own. I was consistently behind the guy but still kept pace w/ him. Towards the 5th round, he was slightly behind. And by the time the 7th round came I was ahead by the run. I started my pull ups when he came in from the run. And I kept my focus to just finish w/ the box jumps. Sweat was flying everywhere in the gym. I was able to finish 1st in tonight’s class. The guy finished not far behind at 26:13 minutes. He did extremely well considering he did straight pull-ups unlike me. The super fit girl didn’t finish until about 30 minutes. But I have to give it to her, she only used the purple band & she’s probably the same size as I am, so her pull ups are much harder than what I did. I think I’m getting stronger, so I might try only the blue band next time to see how I’d do. I’ll keep decreasing the band size as I progress. I do feel pretty good that I am able to keep up w/ the classes even though there were moments on my run that I felt like puking (don’t worry, I usually don’t have anything in my stomach to puke at that point). We did 3x20 GHD sit-ups afterwards.

I chatted w/ the girl afterwards & told her I want her abs cuz hers look awesome. She said it’s due to eating clean. Nothing processed, she makes her own food & lots of protein. She’s been doing this since February & she looks fantastic. She orders protein online & she adds it into everything (i.e. omlettes, oatmeal, shakes, coffee, toast, etc). I might look into doing that but being Asian doesn’t help. Mom always gives me rice or noodles. I need better discipline & I really need to work on eating healthier. This being fit thing is so freaking hard.

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