Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crossfit Day 28

August 17, Wednesday
–My upper body is tight, & my legs are super tired today. The “Ben Gay” tired feeling. I think I’ve maxed myself out w/ yesterday’s WOD. I hope today is a bit easier. I’m afraid to look on the website because I don’t want to get nervous just yet.

WOD – “Isabel” 30 Snatches (135/95 32lb) for Time. My Results: 4:13 minutes. Finisher – Hand Release Push Ups (on knees). My Results: 48 HRP total.

Form Practice for Snatch/Power Snatch. I tried to use 42lb first, but I just couldn’t get the bar over my head. My weak shoulders are the culprit. I will have to keep practicing to gain strength & flexibility. I went down to 32lb & I was able to do the Snatches, but it was still challenging to me. I didn’t think it would take me over 4 minutes to finish, but by the end, I was sweating! For the Finisher – start w/ 10 hand release push ups, rest 10 seconds, repeat hand release push ups resting 10 seconds after each set of 10. Continue until you fail to more than 5 in a row. (i.e. 10HRP, 10 sec rest, 8HRP, 10 sec rest, 6HRP, 10 sec rest, 5HRP, 10 sec rest, 4HRP Fail). Your goad is to get 10 in a row, once you start declining, continue to take your 10 second rest, & then go for as many in a row as you can. Once you fall under 3 in a row, you are done. The number is not accurate because for the first 17 or so, I did regular push-ups. Then I realized I didn’t do the hand-release. I was already fatiguing at that time, so I continued onward w/ HRP. At least this time I was trying to keep the plank position the entire time, which makes them much more difficult.

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