Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crossfit Day 24

August 10, Wednesday
– Feeling hungry this week. I think it’s hormonal. I’ve been eating tons of fruits this week. I think I should eat more veggies since fruits have a lot of natural sugars, but they are so darn tasty & juicy especially during the summer months.

WOD – “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 reps – Squat Clean (42lb), Ring Dips (blue band - body should remain vertical & not fold over at the hip) for Time. My Results: 10:27 minutes.

We went over the Squat Cleans. I always forget what the Olympic lifts are. We start from the floor & raise the bar to mid thigh, then jump the bar, turn our arms & elbows underneath for the bar to land on the shoulders. As we’re doing this, we go into a squat position, & then stand back up. The squats are a killer w/ the added weight. I tried 52lb at first but thought it was too hard so I went down to 42lb. That was still very challenging for me since we have to go into the squat. It is very intensive. Then we go right into Ring Dips which I had assistance from the blue band. I just took my time to do the squat cleans properly. I was able to finish pretty quickly. I was amazed myself. At the time, 10 minutes seems like forever. Afterwards, we did 3x20 Toes to Bar. I still cannot get my toes to the bar yet, but I’m working on it. My core is getting a good workout from my attempts & I am hoping to get it strong enough to be able to do one properly sometime this year. Haha I have to say, doing 60 of them gets really, really tiresome.

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