Monday, January 16, 2012

Crossfit Day 103

January 11, Wednesday
Workout – I am totally sore. My calves are shot from doing 250 double unders. They are a killer exercise & I’m sure they burned tons of calories. Too bad getting up & walking around the office is super difficult today. I feel like an old fogie.

WOD –”Jackie” Row 1000m, 50 Thrusters (45lb), 30 Pull-Ups (red) For Time. My Results: 17:17 minutes.

I was in the 2nd heat for the row & of course, I’m the very last to finish. At least I finished the 1000m in 4:57 minutes, which to me is pretty good. Anything under 5 minutes is good for me. I think I’m improving slightly. The thrusters were a killer on my arms, but I made through it. I was doing 4 at a time, then resting. The pull ups are always pretty difficult for me. Towards the end, I was doing only 2 at a time since my arms were practically dead. We finished with 50 Toes to Bar, but I only managed to do 30. I didn’t want any more incidences occurring.

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