Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 25 Summary

December 24, Saturday

Workout – None.

December 25, Sunday Workout – 4 hr Snowboard lessons

Results – Other than Monday, I haven’t gone into CF since then. I am already getting the vacation jitters & did not want to go to CF. I had errands to run before X-mas & had made plans in NYC w/ some friends, so CF was neglected. I have no results from this week since I didn’t really do much. I packed my stuff & headed to Killington, VT for the X-mas weekend. I didn’t intend to snowboard because I didn’t want to injure my right arm any further, but then V & I decided to take snowboarding lessons so that we can get better. I fell down a lot less than normal. Too bad I didn’t bring any of my equipment or knee/butt pads to help w/ my falls.

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