Monday, January 9, 2012

Crossfit Day 98

December 19, Monday
– I’m feeling a bit unmotivated now that the holidays are drawing near. I will also be off from work starting today until January 2nd of 2012, so I will be away from CF for quite a long while. I feel like I need to get away from CF for a bit. I feel slightly burnt out from work & then running over to my CF gym & then either running errands after or getting home late & not being able to do anything else other than make food, shower & relax for an hour or so before bedtime. I have neglected my arts & crafts which I really enjoy but haven’t had time for. Or even just watching some tv since I hardly even turn the tv on anymore other than when I eat my food. I haven’t gone shopping in a long time nor have I done much food shopping either. I feel like I’m neglecting a lot in my life in order to go to CF, so I will take the time off to gather myself together. I might want to go into CF less just so I can get some time back for myself.

WOD –25 Push Press (42lb), 50 Bar Facing Burpees, 25 Push Press (42lb) For Time. My Results: 11:12 minutes.

We started w/ Front Squats 5-4-3-2-1. I did: 85-95-100-105-105lb. I wasn’t able to get to my 1RM of 115lb, but I was still happy w/ my results. Then we did the WOD. The bar facing burpees stink even more than regular burpees. You face a bar & do one burpee, then instead of jumping & clapping your hand overhead, you jump over the bar & do another burpee on the other side. And doing 50 was a killer. I was exhausted & it seemed like it would never end. We finished w/ 2x30 GHD sit ups. Even though I was feeling a bit unmotivated to come into CF, I was happy I did. I always feel better afterwards.

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