Monday, January 9, 2012

Crossfit Day 99

January 3, Tuesday
Workout – I’m finally back at work after having over 2 weeks off. I’ve been away from CF for 2 weeks & am feeling like I’m losing my muscle mass on my arms already. I am still having the holiday blues & feel really unmotivated to go back to work out, but I will force myself to go. I know I’ll feel better once I’m there.

WOD – 4 Rounds 40 sec Row for Calories, 20 sec Rest, 40 sec Box Jumps (20”), 20 sec Rest, 40 sec DB Push Press (20lb), 20 sec Rest For Total Reps. Round 1: 10|17|13, Round 2: 7|16|10, Round 3: 7|18|10, Round 4: 7|19|10. My Totals: 145 Reps.

We first worked on Shoulder Presses to find our 1RM. I was able to do 53lb, which is 1lb shy of my 1RM of 54lb. I wasn’t able to go any higher. My arm still isn’t strong enough. For the WOD, it didn’t seem too bad at first, but after the 1st round, it got harder & harder. My legs were wobbly going from row to box jumps. My arms were tired from the push press. I was pooped by the time I finished, but happy that I did it. We finished w/ 3x20 GHD sit ups, which were a killer for my abs.

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