Monday, January 16, 2012

Crossfit Day 105

January 13, Friday
Workout – Thank goodness I’m finally not feeling so sore today. There’s a 1 mile run today which I’m dreading because it’s so cold outside (~20 degrees).

WOD –3 Rounds 15 HSPU (box push ups), 20 Toes to Bar, 30 KB Swings (35lb) & finish w/ 1 mile Run For Time. My Results: 27:49 minutes.

The Box Push Ups did a number on my arms. Then the Toes to Bar were rough. I was having a hard time just hanging onto the bar. I tried my best to do complete TTB, but towards the end I had to modify to Knees to Arms. Argh, it’s so frustrating because my arms are so weak. I was getting shooting pains in my left arm from trying to hang on the bar. The KB swings went ok. I was really slow w/ the WOD. Then I ran out into the freezing cold. This time I wore a tank top, pull up & a fleece w/ my fuzzy fur trapper’s hat along w/ my workout gloves, so I stayed warm for the most part. But I started losing feeling to my thumb because I was wearing cut-off gloves. I will have to invest in a pair of running gloves to keep my hands warm. It took about 4 minutes back inside the gym before I got feeling to my thumb. It was numb & hurting so badly until I got it warmed up again. I will never do that again!

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