Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crossfit Day 101

January 9, Monday
Workout – I’m still sore from last week’s WOD, but it’s going away. Thank goodness! I have to go to CF just about every day from now until Feb. 14th since my purchase will expire then & I need to finish up my remaining days. And I have training all of next week so I can’t go then. I only have 3 days that I won’t have to go into CF, so that’s not a big leeway for me. I hate losing what I’ve paid for so I’m going to use it all up before 2/14.

WOD –Row 500m, 5 Rounds 10 Front Squats (62lb), 10 Ring Dips (blue), 800m Run For Time. My Results: 20:09 minutes.

My body is still sore from last week’s WOD. I think the 2 weeks away from CF really affected me. I’m sore from everything! I was in the 2nd heat since we are limited on rowers. I was the very last person to finish rowing. I have not improved. I will have to keep working on that. We started w/ the bar on the ground, so we have to deadlift it, & then clean it before we can do our front squats. The clean was the worst part for me. I don’t think I’ve ever done 62lb cleans before. I struggled w/ them at different points in the WOD. I finished the best I could & when I went for the run, boy were my legs wobbly. It was freezing out too & I didn’t put on a hoodie, so I was pretty cold for 800m. My time really stinks but I did the best I could.

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